Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Birthday Wishes ~ A Good Wife!

Today I am trying hard to be a “good” wife and not spend all my free time with my guilty pleasures, Even though in reality all I can think about, is the rows I need to finish on my peacock cardigan, I keep Longley looking at my yarn and needles itching to get them back in my hands so I can get lost in the stiches.
But today is my wonderful Hubby’s 30th birthday, and even though is highly supportive of my yarn addiction,{ and also the first one to admit he doesn’t understand the attraction lol} I think sometimes he must  feel that he is placed 2nd in the rankings lol
So today, even though the weather has been horrendous, {floods and trees in the roads} we took a road trip to meet family for lunch. {I left my knitting at home! always knit in the car lol}

Phoenix really seemed to enjoy pudding , literally shoving his hands in to it, then holding his hands up making monster noises at us all {table next to us was horrified and not amused at all!} Didn’t help that my sister in law found it all rather hilarious so in turn made Phoenix worse!
Mother in law sneaked in a cake for him which the staff brought out at the end..what he doesn’t know is that I have had a cake made for him that has a baby photo on it for the party I put together this weekend.
The cards I had made on Moon pig, turned out great, and he seemed really pleased when opening them this morning.
Tomorrow hubby goes back to work, my children back to school {well the older two} and life can regain some normality again, which I can’t say I not pleased about lol as much as I love having everyone home, it will be nice to get back into my work shop again, and not feel guilty about giving my much needed creative time some attention.  
And although I am not actually going to be knitting tonight, snuggling on the sofa with hubby with my kindle reading about knitting isn’t cheating is it???? *Grins*
Well that’s it from me tonight, I am ready getting signals for being on my laptop to long lol,.. *rolls eyes* 
Tomorrow I will be back with my WIP :D
Night All xx


  1. Happy Birthday to your Hubs! Hopefully he sees your sacrifice as a great gift!

  2. So for hubby's birthday, he gets your undivided attention? Good gift!

  3. I think my significant other (aka The Man-shape) would rather I had the knitting in my hands, I tend to be much more agreeable then ;-)


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