Saturday, 31 December 2011

Wishing you All...

A fantastic 2012!.......

Thank you for all your lovely comments over the past year, and for your continual interest.

You have made my blogging journey an amazing one! Thank you :D

Happy New Year!!!! (squeee)

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

HO HO HO ~ Christmas Ramblings and pictures

Wow feel like I have not blogged for ages!...I have been itching to get on and write, but just couldn’t make the time!
 {And hello *excitedly waves* to some new readers too! thanks for joining :D}
I Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas?  Christmas this year has been brilliant and lot of fun especially now Phoenix understands how to unwrap presents and play interactively with us.

Hat sophia made for Santa :D

Christmas day, I normally wake up before the children and make a start on breakfast, then Sophia usually runs into the front room, to check if “he” has been and to make sure he has taken his new hat, and eaten all his chocolates ..Then she runs and squeee’s excitedly into her brother screaming “he has been, he has been!!”  Then more squeeee’s
Everyone then make’s a start on their socking while I finish cooking breakfast it’s at times like this I am glad our kitchen and front room are opened planned so I don’t miss out on anything :D

We then all take a break and eat our cooked breakfast {nom nom} and it was really yummy! If I do say so myself!
Children normally eat it so fast so they can start unwrapping their main presents from us {stocking are from Father Christmas} this year is rather exciting for both Sophia and I as we brought her, her first sewing machine! Every Sunday I am going to dedicate time to teach her how to use and look after her machine, and I plan to blog about her progress and our projects on a Monday. {squeee}
Anyway about midday we head over to my dad’s he lives in the next main village about a ten minute drive, where we pretty much have Christmas morning again {yep he always goes completely over the top, I put this down to the fact that out of my siblings I am the only one that has children lol} My 13 year old sister normally waits to open the bulk of her presents until we arrive.
I love being at dads, lovely relaxed atmosphere, loads of space to play with the children and their new toys, I don’t have to do any cooking, can just kick back and play with them.
Boxing day, we spend at home, and just let the children create as much mess as they want and play with their toy’s :D
Day after boxing day, we drive up to see my Mother and father in law and do Christmas day all over again :D I especially love this day because the house is full of screaming excited children, with our lot and 5 extra nieces and nephews; they are all round a similar age so it’s great fun.
They all sit round the Christmas tree and open their presents together, and love all sitting together to eat their dinner.
Every year they {the children} put on a Christmas show lol normally hosted and put together by my controlling bossy daughter : D {Wonders where she gets that from!}
  This year at the inlaws I also managed to snap a chair!! Yep it completely collapsed from underneath me! While sitting at dinner!{extremely embarrassing}
{Moral of the story I Must stop indulging in cheese and cracker and bottles of wine and not to mention tins of chocolates :S}
I still think my chair was sabotaged lol but no one is admitting to it!
On the yarny side of things, I have made quite a bit of progress with my peacock cardigan but will save that for another day as I have rambled on quite enough! I also have played with my Blackthorn DPN which I posted about last week and will write up my review at the weekend.
Until tomorrow… Good Night and God bless xx

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Wishing you all..A Very

The Christmas elves have been, with new PJs, Films and champagne!
Trying to calm three very excited children!..squeee
 {ok I think I am more excited!!}
 I won’t get a chance to get on tomorrow and say… SO.......
Have a wonderful day tomorrow everyone!!

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Rocking around the Christmas Tree with DPNs in tow :D

I am getting so excited I can hardly contain myself…I am humming Christmas tunes, having in-depth debates about what father Christmas and his reindeer, are going to bring. Speculating on how he manages to get round the world in one night…{Now my children are older the questions they fire at you are quite challenging to answer lol.}
I Didn’t have time to post my WIP yesterday, not because I was busy wrapping presents or out shopping..But because I spent pretty much the whole afternoon letting the children wreck the house while cast on my first Hexipuff {yep I know I am late to the trend!!}
My fear of DPNs has been tackled.{ though not concurred yet!! } And I have to note, that actually I am enjoying the challenge.
I have written myself a few lists of personal goals for 2012, and socks are on my knitting list {I will be posting my lists on the blog, once I have finished compiling it .
Bearing this in mind, I have treated myself to Few DPN sets, 10cm and 15 cm Knit pros, and also brought myself *whispers so hubby doesn’t hear* a set of Blackthorn carbon fibre, now these are like gold dust at the moment, and everywhere seems to be sold out, so I felt rather excited, when I found a set of 2.75mm{US 2} on The little knitting company, {All the other sizes where sold out}.
 And I know some might argue that I should have waited for a more practical size, but what can I say I am spontaneous person and when I set my sights on something I want I just buy and think later lol.
I only received those this morning, so full review will posted next week, once I have had time to play, I will say though that on first impressions, the packaging is lovely, they feel really light! And wooden to touch the only thing that’s a bit cringey but at the same time slight addictive is when the needle rubs/touches each other it generates a rather odd sound {slightly like nails of a chalk board but no where near those extremes’} but I still find I can’t help myself from doing it lol
I managed to do more rows on Sophia’s peacock cardigan; I really love working with the colour variations in this yarn, makes the boring garter rows not so boring to look at.
I also got the new yarn for the Muse cardigan and at sight it doesn’t look to different I just hope when I join the yarn this still remains the case.
Also still working on my crobot
Oh and the Hexipuff that I mention earlier that might I add has been frogged countless times, is going to be frogged again, I want to use this yarn for something else as its DK weight and the colour needs to be worn lol
So... I will be making a new Hexipuff using witches brew, been dying to see how this yarn knits up, as I will be adding more like this to my shop after Christmas.
Talking of Christmas I bet get back into the zone lol, I have an elves Christmas hamper to pack for the children on Christmas Eve. For those who don’t know what a elves hamper is, it’s a box of stuff that gets delivered by father Christmas elves on Christmas eve, usually containing, wrapped goodies such as new pyjamas, a Christmassy film, the book “night before Christmas” reindeer food {oats and glitter} and a few foodie treats and children’s champagne {and adult champagne} to get us all in the mood.
I also have to gather supplies so the children can make father Christmas a new hat, to say thank you for all his hard work :D
Have a fabulous day everyone!  xx

Monday, 19 December 2011

Weekend Ramblings and Pictures {19/12/11} knitting with fingers :D

Hello Monday! *Waves*
And what a freezing Monday it is! I literally can’t feel my toes! I bet if I throw a load of water all over my floor I could actually create an indoor ice rink: D
This weekend My boy came back from a week’s skiing with his school, I don’t think anyone was more excited to see him then Phoenix, it really made my heart melt, and poor Bailey hasn’t been left alone since lol.
Sophia tired her third attempt at learning how to crochet, which we are both finding really challenging, Sophia because she is left handed, and myself because I am right handed and useless with my left hand! We have tired sitting opposite each other and her mirroring me and well it just leads to tears, which is not what I want her to associate the craft with, so we will re try again next year.
So instead we settled for finger knitting, Sophia did have a go at this last year but through a mixture of losing interest and dropping the loops she didn’t get very far.
This time round however she understood her instructions and really enjoyed it :D! Remember that really really bright red yarn I had initially brought for my vintage cape?! Yep you guessed it, perfect chunky yarn for her to play with!...... And a real bonus for me because  I didn't have to inwardly cringe when she draged the yarn across the floor or nor did i have to count to three, when she gets the ball looking tangled and messy! :D
Really cute moment was when I went in to check on them a couple hours after bed time and Sophia was still there knitting away :D she even designed her scarf in a way that she could have a bow in the middle! {so darn cute!}

Sunday Sophia and I sorted out the workshop to make an area for her new desk! We have brought her, a sewing machine for Christmas and other crafty bits and bobs and family have brought her craft books and bundles of fabric  and buttons etc, she doesn’t about any of this! {Squeee at the moment she just thinks its her drawing desk: D}
Sophia also designed and made her own robot out of felt, while I was working on my new Rad Crobot
i think she did a really good job!
My Crobot is going to be a mix media creation, i am using felt, vintage fabric and both crochet and knitted fabrics.
In other non-crafty news, Phoenix has turned in to a chocolate thief lol, and I have become addicted to custard creams, to the extent that I am going to have to ban them from the house, until I can learn some self-control lol
 Right well I must really get my act together, and get on with some tidying up so I can spend the rest of the afternoon, on the coach with the children snuggling to a good film and of course my knitting.
So I shall leave you with some outdoor pictures enjoy :) xx

Friday, 16 December 2011

FO and Creative Friday {16-12-11} Domestic goddess

Hello Friday *waves*
{Not a Yarny one today}
This morning we woke up to snow falling, my children were soooo excited, but unfortunately {or rather fortunately for me lol} its stopped and has not laid.

 Has made me feel rather Christmassy though :D I have even played some Christmas tunes from my favourite album A very She & Him Christmas..i have a HUGE  girl crush on  Zooey Deschanel  Beautiful, FUNNY and SINGS is there an end to her talents lol
{Any way} On Thursday I had a Baking “Date” with my daughter and my rather lovely Friend Lee {Another}, and as expected we had a riot, Lee is very much a domestic goddess, and a baking genius…I on the other hand..are NOT!!  
Before we could even get started we had to take a trip to our local supermarket {see I was so prepared!! :S} I had to buy new mixing bowls {my others are now used for dyeing my yarn lol} a silicon spreader thingy! Eggs, butter and suger YEP the whole nine yards! Lee even brought most of her kitchen over to mine!!! LOL  *hangs head in shame*
Once we got home, we had lunch then made a start, Lee has the patience of a saint, and she would make a brilliant teacher! In fact both my children LOVE her, she is going to be such a fantastic Mummy when her little WIP arrives in April :)

Loving the way they all look yellow mustard : D…But sadly not for long! As the sprinkles and Glitter!! Came out to play! {Glitter is still over everything in my kitchen!!}

Cupcakes, Christmas tree's, Star's and Angel chocolate chip cookies
and a Chocolate Cake!
{And one very Gittlery little mouth! :D)

Of course while all the fun was happening in the kitchen, Phoenix was having some fun of his own lol
Little Super Hero!!!
Half way UNDER the stair gate!! *Big Sigh*
Ahhh finally gets to lick the cake silicon spreader thingy :D

Oh and  Look we found ANOTHER Panda!!...She looked like she could use some Cake so we brought her home!!
Fortunatley the cakes do taste Amazing :) but i was a bit gutted when my friend sent me a link via twitter, for these Amazing melted snow men cookies {click link at your risk :D} Puts my Christmas tree cookies to shame lol
Well i think i have waffled on enough lol, hope you all have a fabulous weekend!
My son is back from skiing tomorrow, i can't waite to see him! so lots of snuggles and catching up to do planned for this weekend.
Hubby is out tonight, so i am going to whack on my Christmas tunes and nurse a bottle of white wine, while i get some presents wraped {bliss} :)
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