Friday, 30 September 2011

Creative/FO Friday {30-09-2011}

Hello Friday :)
Not a true FO..but I had to share! Remember on WIP Wednesday I tried to have a go at amigurmi and it ended up looking like a nipple tassel lol {you can refresh your memory or just have a giggle by clicking HERE)
Well I remembered that, you tube “is your friend”, and stumbled across the “magic loop/circle” technique, which is just awesome!
And after all your great comments and tips, I changed my hook size and managed to come up with this! And I didn’t follow a pattern! I just went with the general format of creating a spiral :)  {ok it’s an odd shaped ball, but you have to start somewhere right??!}
I am now going to attempt a body shaped one; if that fails the cat will have a few new toys lol
I also have to share, another not true FO, just because I am insanely proud, of inserting a perfect zip on a skirt I am making myself. lol
Other people just don’t “get” it!! - Like Hubby, when I shoved the finished zip in his face and beamed look at what I did!!!!!!!!!!..”Well done dear” while looking ever so worried I had finally lost my marbles, wasn’t the, exact reaction I was looking for {yes I wanted a sqeeee}
Remember it is the last day to enter, my sock Yarn Give away, winner will be picked at random tomorrow! Thank you to everyone that has entered so far and for all the lovely comments!! You’re the most amazing bunch of highly talented crafters and you all inspire me in so many different ways!
Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for stopping by xxx

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday - {28-09-11}

Hello Wednesday!

First up i have my 10th attempted at Amigurumi LOL Wow this is a lot harder than it looks!!

I was trying to make a bunny from the happy hooker, but i just can't get my slip st loose enough for me to be able to work in them, i also cant actually see the stitches lol...if any one has any tips or advice where to look for helpful tutorials, that would be fantastic!, I decided to try and free form and... umm.... well Nipple tassels any one ???? LOL


The nose {nipple} was worked in sl st and the Single crochet {or double}, i am really not liking the gaps in the sc st! So can totally see why sl st is used!

oh well gave me giggle!!

My other Wip is my red squares for vintage cape, i won’t re post details but for those not taking part in the “one a day”, you can see yesterday’s post about this

 I also brought the most beautiful basket purse from Etsy, it needs new handles and i am going to replace the fabric, nothing wrong with the current one, its just not to my taste lol

My other Huge WIP is the shabby shed; i am still collecting storage and creating areas within the shabby shed its self.

I just took delivery of my little custom kitchen area for dyeing my yarn, the butler sink, was already in one of the outhouses that the previous owner must have used to wash her clothes, as there was also a tin bath {which now is home to plants} and washing line. Thankfully the sink was in mint condition and after a good clean looks beautiful.
I now need to get it plumbed in, and find some nice storage to fix above, to store my dyes, glass jars etc.

I also found this most amazing desk that has a display area underneath, which is then divided in to two squares, at the moment I have all my favourite vintage patterns under half for photo purposes. But i am going to create a mood/inspiration board for both that can slide and sit underneath, have not decided yet, if i will use pins or ribbons on the board to hold the objects in place. What do you think will be a better visual option?

The desk will be home to my typewriter and laptop and will be the area i create labels and do other "paper" activities lol  { Really..i have no idea what hehe}

I also then have these two huge book cases, which are screaming for crochet buntings, i am thinking flowers or hearts, what do you think?


I also brought some more thrifted Tea cups and saucers to make Pin cushions with my vintage scraps for the Etsy shop.


While out hunting i found the most beautiful Foley Bone china tea set, 6 cups and saucers, sugar bowl, milk jug, cake plate and slide plates, the only thing that missing is the tea pot!!..Which i HAVE to find!

If you have stumble across it on the web, please spare me a thought and let me know :)

{Quick reminder that my
First give away closes on Friday, sign up why you still can :) xx}

Well that is it today; weather outside is beautiful so i am going to take Phoenix to the farm.

Have a lovely day and thanks for stopping by, will leave you with this beautiful picture of some fab vintage knitting xxx
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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

One a day project {week 2}

The Project : The Killarney Cloak

Yarn : Sirdar supersoft Aran in Poppy Red


Cape; 211 squares,{ 21 squares each row subtracted or added to alter length.} 15 triangle motif
Hood; 33 squares, 6 triangles

Progress: 15 squares.

Comments :

Good morning, I am making steady progress on the squares!
I Love how quickly these square's grow! Great project for relaxing in front of the T.V! will have to make a start on weaving in the end's soon!*eep*

Before I go,  I would like to take this opportunity mention my 1st give away which will close on the 30th of September, I will be giving one of my lovely followers One skein of sock yarn OF THEIR CHOICE from our Etsy shop, we have some beautiful colour ways in stock at the moment, and few more going up in the next few days :)
for more details and to join the Give away view the Give away post. Winner will be announced on the 1st of September :)

Will be back tomorrow with my WIP, have a lovely day, and thank you for stopping by!


Friday, 23 September 2011

Our First Give Away Post {super excited!!!}

one of our many stunning sock yarns!
*The yarn Pictured is just to give you an idea of whats in our shop!*
*There is more to choose from :)*
Yay tonight my Blogs face book page and J&M’s page  reached 102 Likes each.
 So to celebrate We are giving one of our lovely followers One skein of sock yarn OF THEIR CHOICE from our Etsy shop, we have some beautiful colour ways in stock at the moment, and few more going up in the next few days :)
To Enter all you have to do is be a listed follower of my blog, {there is a button to join this site, in my right hand side bar!} and leave a comment below. It’s that easy !
I will pick by random on the 30th of September to give everyone time to enter. :)

This Give away is open to those not in the UK too! i am happy to post world wide!! :)

In the meantime you can check out our sock yarns here!
Thank you, to those of you who took the time to like our pages! xx


FO and Creative Friday {23/09/11} feeling fruity

Hello Friday :)

Only a handful of FO today, if you remember the Red balls from Wednesday!. They are now apples! you will notice I also have a green addition to my apple family, i do enjoy a granny smith!

Red doesn't want to photograph very well :(

I also made tomatoes on the vine, but they could also be strawberries, don’t you think?

Not sure how much productive crafting I will get done this weekend, as I seem to have come down with a bug, from one of my children. I may work on my caponcho after all it doesn’t require high concentration lol.
Before I go, 
I  would also like to take this opportunity to mention my first Give away! I said a couple of weeks back that when my face book page for my blog reached 100 "likes" i would celebrate by giving one super follower of my blog  a skein of our hand dyed sock yarn, the winner will be able to pick a sock weight yarn of their choice from our Etsy shop!!. i am very excited about this :)

***Update*** we rached our goal, the give away post can be found Here!!****

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! And the sun is shining for you! Thanks for stopping by xx

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday - {21-09-11}

Hello Wednesday

And what a cold and rainy day it is!  The children are now dropping like files with colds caught from school, after a illness free summer. but on the bright side, it means i can put away the dreaded short sleeved tops, and bring out my yummy jumpers, and Boots!! :)

My WIPs this week are:

 My Squares for my vintage cloak

If you do take part in "one a day" with GingerBreadGirl then you would have seen my week 1, post yesterday, if not click Here and you can see my project details and a link to GingerbreadGirls linky.

Next up is My Caponcho..yes i am still, working away, managing a few rounds here and there, its not growing that quickly though! or maybe since learning how to crochet, my patience with knitting has become thin lol

Next up are my Crochet they are not Christmas decorations lol
 nor are they a new, fashion Statement earrings that would give Pat Butcher a run for her money!

They will be apples! or tomatoes come Friday! :)

I am also taking the plunge and making Phoenix one of these

Pattern can be found in The happy hooker

I only decided to hook him on this morning, so don't have anything worth showing yet! but isn't he super cute!!!

Well that's it from me today, have a lovey day! and thanks for stopping By! xxx

{I am doing a give away! which can be found here}

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

One a day project {week 1}

with Carol @ GingerBreadGirl

The Project : The Killarney Cloak

Yarn : Sirdar supersoft Aran in Poppy Red


Cape; 211 squares,{ 21 squares each row subtracted or added to alter length.} 15 triangle motif
Hood; 33 squares, 6 triangles

Progress: 6 squares


Finally had a chance to start, after the mix up with the horrid bright red yarn, very pleased with the results so far, this poppy red is a lovely shade and will go lovely with red velvet ribbon edge i have planned.

I think i will sew in the ends every 20 squares! lol

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Friday, 16 September 2011

Creative/FO Friday {16/09/11}

Hello Friday,
I hope you have all had a brilliant week?!
After making up a few squares for my Vintage Cloak in that really Bright red, I have decided that it’s not growing on me! And have ordered some more yarn in a poppy red! Really hope it’s the right shade this time.
Now I am left with all this extremely bright Chunky red yarn, do any of you, have any ideas on suitable projects to stash bust? I did ask this question on my Facebook page, and Lee @Another and Christine @ theboredknitter suggested Christmas stockings and Christmas decorations.
And Sarah from the Cwtch suggested, just sending the yarn back. But that would be far to logical and sensible on my behalf lol
I have a mixture of FO’s to show you; those of you on my Facebook page would have seen some of these already!  Do you remember my sewing tables?  The 1950s science lab tables that I got from Havant collage! Well I have finally finished the decoupage on the legs using the vintage bed cover that I found at a carboot…really pleased with the outcome!
I also gave this little children’s table and chair a lick of mustard paint, and his toy chest which isn’t pictured as its not finished yet for the play area of the shabby shed.
Twiggy also got a makeover, I had to sand the old paint off and re- apply really pleased with how she has scrubbed up!
I have also been making tea cup pin cushions , with vintage fabric

Remember the bows I have been making?! Well I turned one into a bag, using free form crochet, personally I think the bow looks better in its original state, but my daughter loves it lol
I have been crocheting fruit and have a couple done, but I will save pictures for next week, when I hoping to have full fruit bowl.
Can’t believe it was a week today when we left for Hergarda! Days are just zooming by!
This weekend, will be spent with the children, I am hoping for good weather on Sunday, as the children want to go to the carboot sales…which means more buttons {Yay}
Hope you all have a lovely weekend, and the weather is nice for you!
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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday - {14-09-11}

Hello Wednesday :)
Got back from Hargarda at midnight on Monday, Tuesday morning I picked Phoenix from my mums, and on the way home the school rang to say that Sophia's shoulder looks dislocated. So I had to pick her straight up and go down the hospital {that was a swift shove back in to reality!!!}
Her shoulder had partially dislocated  and popped back in, unfortunate this was no surprise to me, as my right shoulder dose it all the time, and my brother suffers with it in both shoulders, we both need an operation to stabilise them. And when the shoulder dose pop out and back in your left feeling very sore and achy for a few days.
Anyway we left the hospital and Sophia was told no PE or swimming for the rest of the week, she was ok last night so I took her into school this morning, by the time I reached home I had to drive all the way back to the school { 15 min each way!}, because her shoulder has popped out again while she was skipping!! YES SKIPPING, so I reminded her what the doctor had said! To which she replied” the doctor said P.E and Swimming. We don’t do skipping in ether!!!..So I thought skipping was ok??!” {While I of course bang my head against imaginary wall lol}
So have spent all morning and the best part of the afternoon down the hospital again, she will be seeing a shoulder specialist next week and has been told no sporting actives until then lol. And has her arm in a sling, which of course she thinks is so rock ‘n’ roll!! Lol
Now on to My WIP…where do I start…the yarn got delivered for the vintage Cloak..i decided to go with I looked online found a colour that looked ideal, brought 1300g of it..taken a ball out of the packet..and TBH I think I hate it lol..ARGH
It doesn’t want to photograph at all so forgive the horrid picture. So annoying when you just want to get on, the thought of having to pack it all up and send it back, then look for other yarn, while waiting for it to be delivered just really seems like so much hassle….maybe it will grow on me!  Lol
You can follow my daily progress on my Face book page  if you would like to see how quick it grows :)
what are your thoughts??? {Be as brutal as you like :P}
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Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Where to be begin?! Had the most amazing four days in Hurghada in Egypt.
We stayed at the   Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh And I have to say that the whole experience exceeded our expectations and was without doubt the best place we have ever stayed in, so much so that we will be returning with the children next Easter for 10 days.
The food was amazing, like dinning in a 5star London restaurant each day, we had in suite dining, where they came and set up the dining table in your suite, for breakfast, lunch and dinner and then once you had finished they came and cleaned up and took it all away. Of course you could go out to eat if you wished, but we didn’t really want to see anyone lol
They fully cleaned your room twice a day!. They ran me a bath in the evenings with candles incense and fresh flowers sprinkled in the water, this was just divine.
The staff were so friendly and every request was met with “my pleasure ” the hotel has a policy on tipping, where they ask you to tip at the end should you wish, and the amount will be handed out equally to everyone which I thought was great, and it also meant that the staff didn’t hassle you at all.
On the Saturday, we had a relaxing day by the pool, went in the sea snorkelling as the beach front is on a coral reef, we saw parrot fish, and also sorts of big and beautiful fish, that I couldn’t name.
In the afternoon, we booked a spa couples package, and both got massaged and had amazing facials.
We had to go early to bed that night, as my husband booked me a surprise ride on a hot air balloon over the Sahara desert to watch the sunrise. I have always wanted to go on a hot air balloon and we had both seen sun sets, but never a sunrise, and it was spectacular.
We had to set off at 3am and drive into the desert and get up into the air just before the sun was about to rise. It is so quiet and peaceful that high up, and so smooth that I felt like we were standing completely still, I thought I might feel a bit queasy being 3000ft up but it didn’t bother me at all. Would love to do it again in England, where we live, if you haven’t tried I recommend you do, I can’t put into words how special it is.
We got back at around 7am on Sunday, had some breakfast, relaxed by the pool, then had a quick hour nap, before getting picked up to go on a quad safari in the Sahara for 3 hours…which was AMAZING fun!!!
I got on with the Egyptian guide as I didn’t want to drive, and he had us doing jumps over sand dunes, i was even going in circles on two wheels for a bit while clinging on to him for dear life lol
While out there we saw wild camels, and a tree, that was standing on its own in the middle of the desert.
When we got back we were both knackered, covered in sand lol so was a bite to eat before passing out in bed.
Yesterday we both woke up at had a lovely breakfast and made the most of the pool, and did some more snorkelling, before having a huge lunch and getting ready to check out 2:30.
Needless to say, I didn’t get ANY crochet done! As I wasn’t allowed to bring my hooks on the way out or back on the plane.
We got back at midnight last night, and thankfully I had my yarn waiting for me, for the cape! So will make a start this evening. And tbh I am itching to get crafting again lol


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