Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday 27/07/11 - and Introducing.....

Very exciting Wednesday for me this week!
I have been banging on about it for weeks…and finally …………………………
I am super excited to announce, that our new company Jane & Michael, is up and running and open for Business, we have listed the hand dyed yarn in our new Etsy shop! And there will lots more added over the next few months.
We also have a new blog, which will be updated frequently, with, new projects, give a ways and tutorials etc.
We would also really appreciate some suggestions on what colour ways you would like to see! And what kind of childrenwear and accessories you’re hoping to see stocked.
 And a Facebook page, and would be very grateful if you could take a moment to like our page.
Head over to our Blog for more information, and to see the yarn we currently have in our Etsy shop!
My Wip this week
The base has been laid for the shabby shed! - my daughter thinks its a great performing platform lol
I am still working on the fabric decoupage bookcase which will hold my yarn once one.
And I found an old battered toy chest which I am going to transform with some fantastic papers.
And in the garden this week!!
My pumpkin is growing at a ridiculous rate, and I have my first pumpkin growing {yay}
I also have corn husks!! Whoop whoop!
oh and a little off topic, but look what my daughter found in the garden! - she did think she had found a new species of caterpillar, and was totally chuffed when she found out it was a stag beetle larvae!  
That’s it from me today! To see other WIP head over to Tamis

Saturday, 23 July 2011

More Yummy Colour ways, and And exciting news on the business front!!

Today I dyed more yarn, very happy with the results, and due to an increasing number of interest, we will be incorporating hand dyed yarn along with our vintage inspired children’s wear and accessories,  we originally started learning to dye yarn because we wanted to recreate (vintage) discontinued colour ways for some of the patterns we are using, like duck egg, slate, camel, salmon, sage, olive, then your mustards, and other vibrant retro colours  once we have successfully created these, then these colour ways will also be up for sale. Of course we will also be able to do custom dyes as well!
I am also very excited to announce that we have finally picked a name! Our logo is being designed as we speak!! (not revealing just yet) Until our main website is up and running, we will be  Opening an Etsy shop in the next few days and selling some bits and pieces, while we are still creating stock. We are saving our main key items for the official website opening.
Our work space aka the shabby shed has had the base laid {yay!!!} and will be delivered and erected on the first of August!
Tonight I have started decoupage on my old book shelf using a vintage bed set that we found at a car boot, it will have a layer of varnish when done!  And will be used to store yarn.
What can I say, were both super excited, and nervous, we feel so lucky being able to pursue a great passion of ours?
We will of course we will also be having a blog created for our business, which will keep you updated, on new fabrics, designs, new yarn colour ways and of course FO’s and other projects like felting etc.
On to the photos
Gorgeous tones of blues and charcoal (100g sock weight)
Stunning tones of yellows, reds, oranges, and plums (100g sock weight)
This yarn is already on hold for an overseas customer, and it’s a mixture of blue, reds, and charcoal (100g sock weight)  

Base done for "shabby shed"
Tonights project!
Hope your all having a lovely weekend, and the weather is good where you are!

Friday, 22 July 2011

FO and Creative Friday - Dyeing Yarn {22/07/11}

Good evening, hope you have all had a good productive week!
I wasn’t around Wednesday; I was a Golf Caddying for my Husband in the trilby Tournament for sky sports.

Lmao!! look like a right dork!!
It’s a short post from me this week, I am very occupied at the moment with, sorting my stash out for the impending move to the “shabby Shed”, the base was laid today {yay} I am also sourcing furniture to restore or make over for it as well.  
Tomorrow I will be using some vintage fabric to decoupage an old book shelf, which will be used to store yarn – but more about that next week.
So my FO this week are four skeins of Hand dyed yarn, I have never dyed yarn before and I absolutely LOVE it!!! much fun, and very exciting!! I have been using my dye kit that I picked up from knit nation (you can see my knit nation post Here) and they are fantastic!
On to the photos    

Frist attempted at dyeing, can’t remember what colours I used. Yarn is lace weight   

My second attempted I used a sage green, and ran through a few yellow tones, yarn is lace weight.    

The photo really doesnt give this colour justiced! its stunning IMO, i used turmeric, paprika and little bit of pumpkin to brighten to a burnt orange. I really can’t Waite to knit this up. (100g sock weight)

My fourth attempt was really fun!, I used the microwave method, and treated the yarn as if I was tie dyeing fabric, I dyed the yarn reddy pink first, then put the ties in, then over dyed with a blue and charcoal, I really love the overall effect!

Thats it from me this week! have a Fab weekend!
click Here for Creative and Here for Tamis

Monday, 18 July 2011

weekend update - Knit nation

Knit nation was awesome!!
Had to get up at 5am, leave the house by 6, and catch the train to London by 6:45
Once we navigated the London underground (which wasn’t complicated) we got to the imperial collage by 8am to register.
Then headed to our knitting for spinning class, we got to touch and spin all different kinds of different fibres including camel and angora!  It was brilliant to learn and understand how yarn is made etc, but I won’t be rushing out to buy a wheel , from doing this course, i have learnt that it’s the creating,  the colour ways of yarn/fibre that excite me and not the actual process of spinning, So will be sourcing un-dyed yarn to play with.
Really glad I did the course though as I love making my felt, and needle felting, so was great to learn about the different fibres!
After the class finished at 12, we went for tea and sandwiches; I was a little disappointed that I got tea in a paper cup! But the food itself was yummy, just not enough of it lol..Christine on the other hand, didn’t enjoy hers at all, because she can’t stand Mayo, which seemed to in all the sandwiches.
As you can see, i was rather please, and C was rather Pee'd off!! lol
After tea we headed to the market place, and had a walk round, drooling and touching everything, my favourite seller was there, “easy knits” and they didn’t disappoint, there selection of yarns and colour ways were amazing! we also got a few snaps done of all three of us!
This was my Fav out of the three.

I ended up coming home with
  200g of easy knits twinkle DK “fields of gold”, 100g of easy knits sock yarn in twinkle “pansy” and 300g of easy knits Twinkle DK – Carousel (rainbow) they also gave me an easy knits mug for free! I spent a total of £96 with them.
I also brought 100g of Artyarns Glass beaded Mohair yarn for £76 which is just so stunningly beautiful. (pictured above!)
I also brought a Giant Toft bag kit, I choose a sliver grey alpaca yarn and a huge mahogany handmade button, I need to knit this up on 20mm circulars, and then felt in the machine! She was selling the ready-made ones for around £300! (I paid £96 for the kit.)
 The lovely lady at toft told me that I didn’t need to line my bag, but I think I will because I would like pockets, and I think it will give the bag a longer life!, even though saying that, she showed me her bag which was four years old, and it was in amazing condition!!
I also brought a scarf crochet kit from toft “solomans net & flower scarf” in a similar shade of yarn to go with my bag! (the pattern was amazing so Lee, Christine and Myself all brought one!) I think it came to £22
I also got a a yarn dyeing kit from Helen Deighans which has 12 colours and you get a book for £22, I also ended up buying some manutex for £4..i did buy 400gm of un-dyed yarn for £10 but somehow lost the bag! So I only come home with some un-dyed lace weight yarn to play with.
I brought some stiches markers, buttons, and thread scissors.
 A book on play felted foods and toys, which has inspired to come up with a few of my own designs and patterns for our Business.

I got another signed book from Susan Crawford! I now have all three of her books (even though my pre – order of volume 2 is still not ready till the end of this month.
Once we were all shopped out, we headed back to Victoria for a tea stop, and said goodbye to Christine (she was leaving for Amsterdam very early this morning so couldn’t make dinner with us)     
My self and Lee had a wonder around all the shops, and went for sushi! Which was yummy!!  I really enjoy being in Lees company, she makes me smile and laugh so much, we never stop talking, I have only know her since March this year, but I feel like I have known her all my life, she has become a very close friend and I love her dearly.
 while shopping we find these - I really want these tea cups and tea pots!!

Was very sad that the day and evening come to an end, I was thankful though to get home and rest my aching feet, and let my head hit the pillow.
  My favourite pictures of all of us! I am so fortunate to have such lovey friends :)
This upcoming week is rather exciting! Because I have a man with a digger coming to sort my garden out in preparation for the shabby shed (summer house) so will be back with progress pictures.
For now goodnight, and god bless!  

Friday, 15 July 2011

One to One with little Phoenix

 Yesterday I took Phoenix out to lunch at Fisher farm, for a bit of one to one time, and we had so much fun!, I love him so much.
 He has started to a word that sounds like “shit” I have been racking my brains to where he could have picked it up from. But now have worked out that what he is trying to say is “what is it”  lol
Needless to say, he is raising a few eyebrows and making quite a few smiles!
Here are a few pictures from our day out…doesn’t he look awesome in pink crocks!!

Creative/FO Friday little crochet booties (15/07/11)

Good afternoon :) and what a fabulous afternoon it is here, the sun is shining the children are playing nicely, and I am knitting my caponcho in the sun!
My FO this week are a couple of pairs of crochet booties, size 0-3 both 100% wool and so scrummy I could eat them!
I also dyed my hair, to cherry brown last night, and loving it, I Will get some better pictures at knit nation tomorrow.
Well that’s it from me; I will be back later with tales from knit nation, and no doubt lots of yarnny yumminess to show off!
Have a fab weekend!! :)
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