Monday, 27 June 2011

Week update - Mega Achievements

Had a fantastic weekend!
On Friday my son came home with three Headmasters Commendations for Academic Endeavour and achievement in English, Maths and Science. I am sooo pleased for him, as most of you know he severely dyslexic and has to work twice as hard as everybody else..i am just totally in awe of him.
Friday Evening I made a dress out of a vintage pillow case..and I have to say it turned out fabulous, fits my daughter perfect! And I wouldn’t mind if anyone had a close look lol (self-high five)
On Saturday, my son had his sports day; it was an early start, and the weather looked really grim, but thankfully it didn’t rain. My son was on top form, he won all his events (200 semi, then final, longest throw, Long Jump and 400) and came home with the school’s junior champion trophy
Saturday evening we went to a Friends 40th BBQ lovely ending to a brilliant day!
On Sunday we went to fisher farm, Sophia went to my Mums so we just had the boys, we took their swimming stuff so they could play in the water sprinklers, Phoenix loved it!!We also took a ball and a picnic.

We picked Sophia up on the way home, and decided to have a BBQ in the garden; Sophia went and dug up the potatoes and picked chives for potato salad which was YUM, I also used the mushrooms I have been growing, together with the garlic that my son grew at school and it was the was just the best feeling ever tucking in to food, that we have grown as a family.

Hope you all had a great weekend, and enjoyed the weather :)

Friday, 24 June 2011

This Moment 24/6/11

{this moment}, a Friday ritual.
A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week.
A simple, special, extraordinary moment.
A moment I want to pause, savour and remember

Creative/FO Friday 24/06/11

Yay its Friday :)
Some of you will know I got my sewing machine back Wednesday, (yay!!!) so I made my daughter Sophia a tooth fairy as she has her first ever wobbly tooth.
Pearl has a little pocket in her skirt to keep the tooth safe; she also has a ribbon so she can hang from the bed knob.
My son Bailey is ten, and has lost most of his teeth already, but still hinted that he would like a tooth pillow, this one which he has named “tooth bob”

Tooth bob has a pocket in his mouth to put the tooth and has a toothy grin!
I am just about to design one for Phoenix, a little tooth elf :)
I also have harvest, my first lot of Potato’s from my garden, it’s such a buzz digging them up, I am just about to make a potato salad for dinner, cant Waite to see what they taste like!
I got all these from three potato's i planted in a tub..i have another 7 tubs, and a raised bed full of potoatos

Have a great weekend every one! Hope the weather is nice for you where you are!
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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday 22/06/11 - Mushrooms and Kittens

Can’t believe it’s Wednesdays already!
I have no yarn progress :( so there isn’t any point sharing a photo!
 I have been trying to rest my arm as much as possible! Which seems to be working?  But its still very sore, I think I need to change my meds! Thanks for all the well wishes last week :)
I wasn’t going to take part today, as I don’t have anything crafty to post about! But each week I always share the exciting updates in my garden! And I needed to show you how big my mushrooms grew in a week!!
Isn’t it amazing!! is as, big as my hand hehehe, I am going to have a mushroom omelette for lunch!
We also had a few more strawberries to harvest.
And for the cat lovers amongst us, my mum’s cat had kittens last night. Three little ginger bundles, one being completely ginger (yes that does make her total up to 19 cats! But they have a lot of land to roam and they live between three houses so there happy and very much loved) she decided to give birth in an ikea bag, which is why there are blue tones in the picture lol
I also had to include a couple of pictures of her other two kittens! Just because there soo cute hehe
I didn’t go to the car boot this Sunday as it was father’s day, but I did cook up a storm in the Kitchen
I didn’t realise just how much of a big part, knitting and sewing has in my life, not being able to do both has really made me feel quite deflated and depressed! My sewing machine should be back with me today. And I think I will actually cry when I open it lol
I am going to start easing myself back into knitting, by just trying doing a few rows here and there, I aiming for the next WIP to have good few rows completed on my caponcho!!
But for now I am going have a cup of tea and catch up with everyone else WIP
you can too by clicking Here! have a great week :) xx

Monday, 20 June 2011

Weekend Update -20/06/11 Fathers day

This weekend has been very quiet and relaxing, nothing done crafting wise, because I am trying to rest my arm. Saturday I took Sophia to a party it had a sponge bob theme, and she had a fantastic time, while she was at the party I went to see my dad for a couple of hours, and had a go on his crazy fit vibration plate. Which I have to say is totally awesome, but a very weird sensation, and my legs killed after!!..Maybe I should sell the running machine I have in my garage and replace it with one of these. At least it’s fun, and the vibration makes you sound weird when you try to sing :)
Saturday night, I had a few glasses of wine and watched a few movies with hubby; and then put myself to bed early in preparation for Sunday!

On Sunday I got up early left the boys in bed, and took a morning stroll to our little village shop to get breakfast supplies, I cooked a good old English breakfast, hubby watched golf on the telly, while I cooked up a storm in the kitchen.
I made mint crusted Lamb joint, and a pork joint topped with a layer of stuffing then a nice chunk of fat for crackling! The pork was mainly for the children, there not a lover of lamb. I made roast potatoes, but we don’t make them the traditional way, my family prefer having new potatoes boiled, then tossed in to a hot oil in baking tray and seasoned with sea salt, until crispy.
For veg we had carrots, peas, and beans, I also made our favourite golden cauliflower and cheese
I make the cheese sauce using the milk, corn flour and cheese, we like mature cheese, so the stronger the better! I then mix the cooked cauliflower and cheese sauce,  in an oven dish, and top with mature crumble cheese and breadcrumb mix..leave in oven till golden..and I have to say, there are never any left overs!!
We also had Yorkshire puddings, veg gravy and onion sauce, washed down with a couple of bottles of white wine. For pudding I had rhubarb crumble (which my mum made) and custard.
I have to say it was absolutely yummy lol
I love Sundays and cooking a huge roast, I get to wear my apron, and play what music I want, while having a few cheeky mouthfuls of wine hehe
I didn’t get to go carbooting this Sunday, due it being father’s day, but I made up for it, by doing a bit of online shopping lol..Will be going next week though!
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend xxx

Thursday, 16 June 2011

30 day photo fun - 16 Jam Jar

I use mine to store buttons, beads, dolly pins, and general bits and bobs :)

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday 15/06/11 Total wash out

This week as been a complete wash out, those of you that read my weekend update, will have already seen that I have given myself a bad case of golfer’s elbow from all the crochet I was doing in order to get mums blanket finished, I did try to cast on my caponcho, but it’s just too painful to do at the moment, you will also,  notice that I decided to change my choice of yarn, I have decided to use Arauania Wool Multy I brought 400gr at 240yd/220m. I should have plenty to Finish
I also picked up a knitting machine (brother KH-836) for £20 at the car boot sale on Sunday, looks sooo complicated to use!! among with other bits (More information Here)
With knitting and crochet out of Action I thought, I would give my sewing machine some love, I started to make Dalia a Topsy Turvy Doll, was making great progress, when my newly serviced machine decided to die on me!! And without warning!!... Not a happy bunny!
I have had to send my machine back to singer HQ to get fixed; I just hope it doesn’t take weeks! It’s already been five days :( think I am going to sell it and buy a heavy Duty Machine.
I have just brought an Pfaff Hobbyloft 2.0 overlocker with all the feet, which has just been delivered while i was I going to have, a much needed creative Play time, this afternoon.
But major Exciting news on the gardening front
I have Mushrooms!!!!!..i really didn’t think I had been successful, because for weeks I have been checking every two days. And nothing! But now we have this!!! (all those white things are ikcle mushrooms )
And also I have pea pods :)
And my carrots have really thickened out!
And my cucumber is big and ready for potting!
Well that’s it, from me this week; I am hoping that my arm recovers soon, so I have some yarny progress  to show you next week!
Have a lovely week, and hopefully I will be back Friday with a completed Dalia!
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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Namesake Nacelace from Hannah Designs has Arrived!

I ordered a namesake necklace from Hannah Kim @ Hannah Designs on Etsy last week, and it arrived from the USA today. You can also find Hannah on Facebook
And I am absolutely thrilled with it!, Hannah was extremely Helpful , a pleasure to deal with!
The starling sliver disks are hand stamped, I decided to have five disks.
 The first has the date I got married, the second has my husband’s Name, the 3rd has my eldest Son Bailey, the Fourth My daughter Sophia, and finally the Fifth has my Son Phoenix’s name.
You will also noticed that I have a little heart charm representing my love for all of them, and a little hearts stamped either side of Ashley’s name and little Stars either side of my children’s names
I choose the star’s because has corny as it sounds, they have fore filled my dreams of becoming a mother, so I hope they reach for the stars and achieve all their dreams and desires in life, and in my eyes each of them are little stars, all bright, and beautiful and I could gaze at them forever.

Monday, 13 June 2011

30 day photo fun, day 13

My first teddy "lala" she is old and tatty and has a bell in her ear, and she takes pride of place on my side of the bed lol quite apt that she's a lamb, I must have known I would have a thing for wool when I was a baby!

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Weekend Update - Rain, Rain and Gems

This weekend has been mostly spent at Home, due to the weather!
On Saturday I quickly nipped in to Horsham, so that Bailey could spend the rest of his birthday money, then we popped in to see Daddy at his office on the way home. For some reason the children love seeing daddy at work, and it was even better, because the office floor was empty, due it being a weekend, and because daddies the boss, they get to swing and push each other on all the office chairs without getting told off.
It’s also been quite on the craft side of things, because all the crochet has given me Golfers elbow L so the doctor has recommended that I leave my hooks and needles for a few days, while the pills get to work.
So then decided to give my sewing machine some attention, and half way through my project (which your see on Wednesday) decided to die on me!..:( so I have had to send it back to singer to be fixed! I am hoping it won’t take to long, as I am embarking on an exciting new venter, and have lots of key sewing projects lined up!
The only crafting we did manage was free hand embroidery, which Sophia loves!! And I think she is quite good to! I had never done more than a basic line, as I normally paint my faces on dolls, but I really enjoyed it!

Thankfully I had an early night last night, because I was up at and out the door by 6:15 to go to the carboot with my mum, I am glad we got there early, because after a couple of hours it started to rain, and lots of the seller packed up to go home. Considering the weather, and the fact that the field wasn’t as full with cars like last week, I did really well.
I brought a brother knitting machine, for £20, looks like its not been used much at all!, and I can see why! looks so confusing to use!! I am hoping I can get my head round it!
A set of metal herb pots, for my kitchen side £1
I got four huge cushions with green and purple flowers, which are brand new for £15 because it was raining, and the seller wanted to go.
6 unused aromatherapy glass bottles for £4
I also brought another teapot for £1, but this one is special!, as you can see from the pictures!

And I am totally in love with this tea set, every time I open my cupboard it makes me smile, its like a ray of sunshine! For £1.50

I also brought a huge white basket,  which I think I am going to use, for display on a stall. £10
A large yankie Candle which smells devine for £10 (there over £20 new)
and two small wooden painted pictures £2
A couple of books, 50p each
A boomerang for my son 50p
little sliver pots £4 for both
I got some more buttons costing £10 in total (not all are pictured)

I got phoenix a play ironing board, with two irons £0.50p not pictured
And my daughter three Native American Indian dolls, and a cow boy, there porcelain dolls, once I can cleaned them up I will added a photo they were £3 each
I think I have covered everything!
 Because I went to bed so early last night I forgot to add my 30 day photo for yesterday! And today’s topic was sun flare! Which I couldn’t capture because the sun is hidden under thick grey cloud!
So will re-start tomorrow? J
Hope you have all enjoyed your weekend! And the weather has been kinder on you, then it has us!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

A wish for my Children

On this doorstep i stand
year after year
and watch you leave

and think: May you not
skin your knees. May you
not catch your fingers
 in car doors.May your
 hearts not break.

May tide and weather
waite for your coming

and may you grow strong
to break
all webs of my weaving

Evangeline Paterson (d.2000)

Friday, 10 June 2011

30 day photo fun day 10 - animals

This is my cat shadow, he is 10 years old and very grumpy! I named him shadow because, because he is always under my feet, and a total 'mummies' boy!
I love him to bits :)


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