Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The present

So.. When i am not sniffing and cuddling my yarn :D..I am currently working on my largest knitting project to date my stitch sampler shawl, now this really has been a labour of love!!

So far i have been working on her for two weeks, i only have about 19 rows to go Till she is complete. There will be a few holes that need sewing (learnt the hard way, that knitting while drinking wine equals disaster)

 I am using marble chunky which is an acrylic yarn, in lush autumn colours

Below is the link to my Raverly page

I really love the pattern!

I hoping to get a bulk of it done tonight. Hopefully in the next couple of days, i will be showing the completion pictures :)
I am trying to finish one project at a time!..
Once i have finished this shawl i am going to do some wet felting and make a hand bag :)

My ever growing Stash :)

It's official, i am addicted to touching, looking..and ultimately buying and hoarding fibre in any shape or form..there is just, something about yarn and fabric and anything asscocated with the two, that send my wheels of lust..desire..from a want to a NEED..i am also very easly enabled which on its own is dangrous :D

for exmaple i was quite happy knitting with my cheap marble chunky! untill a friend introduced me to "posh yarn"...and now i cant stop buying..Hand dyed, hand spun, wool..or the coat of a baby alpeca reared on a special diet on a Inca burial site in Peru.....You get the picture :D

Ironically i am too scared to knit, with most of instead i spend hours, looking, touching, sometimes even smelling my yarn, or raw fibre.
i also love to spend hours on Raverly, looking at patterns..its an achievement  that i actually get any knitting done!!

Here are a few of my Favorite yarns..not because of the way they knit..but because of colour, feel, and smell :D

i just find the colour of this yarn orgasmic

i love the sparkle in this yarn

again the colour and the softness

i am a sucker for a rainbow

Here is a picture, with all my Fav yarns taken togeather

My stunning knitpros, which not only look amazing!! they ARE amazing!!

How cool is this 20mm needle! is bigger then my 6year olds arm!!
if any one knows what there used for, please let me know!! :D

this is Wensleydale wool, its naturally curly, great for making dolls hair!!

100g of rainbow wool tops :)

I could sit here and upload pictures for hours! but dinner wont make it self..sadly!!.

I am stalking the postman for a few new watch this space..:)

The Journey so far

knitting & felting

A collection of my progess so far....i have a long way to go! but i am really enjoying the journey :D

knitted with Marble chunky

matching wrist warmers
rainbow scarf
one of my 1st projects not very well made, but i love them all the same :D

needle felted owl

Wet felted Balls with bells inside.

Big ted

little ted :)

wizards willy :) made for a special NM friend :)

I really love my sewing machine :), i enjoy the whole process of sewing, and the instant gratification i get from the instant results.

I made Phoenix these out of an old pair of jeans :)

I made this bag for my mum

I made this bag for my daughter to hold her dance kit

I made her face and boy out of an old top, i used a fabric paint for the backing

Doll for my daughter

sock monkeys

Hand warmer from left over socks

Halloween bunny

Owl for my Son

Rainbow quilt for Phoenix

Matching pillow case

Apron for Sophia

With a section for her teddies :)

Started making Felted food, for the play kitchen

These have needle felted peas

My first ever doll

This one is Being made in to a mermaid

Playing with Dye

I had a go at tie dyeing! was great fun!..i have also dyed a Didy,which is a woven baby wearing wrap, and want to dye my own yarn in the future :)

Was a light lime green, will dig out the before picture.

That concludes the Journey so far!

And so it begins

And so it Begins

I guess I should start from the start, my great nanna taught me how to knit a basic garter stitch when i was 6 years old, I made lots of scarfs that summer :)

My mum, taught me how to sew, and have sewn on and off for years. I love sewing as it gives me instant gratification, as a teen I would modify my clothes to make them stand out and be different to my peers. At the moment I love making cloth dolls, or art dolls as they are also called.

I have also had a love of colour since I can remember!
when I left school, I went on to train as a make up artist in London, I loved doing cat walk looks or high fashion because you get to play with colour and your imagination, I then went on to study crystal healing and other holistic Therapies including colour therapy.

I have recently rekindled my love with knitting, and as a consequence my craft stash is getting out of hand, I love raw fibre especially pure wool, I love the smell, the feel, the softness. I love to needle felt and wet felt, it's so satisfying to fuse the fibres together! Watch the the shapes form and become dense.

Would love to learn spinning, and I am hopefully taking a workshop at knit nation this year, i have brought a drop watch this space for uneven creations.

My crafting space


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