Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday - {12-12-11} Knitty Galore

Hello Wednesday
It’s all Knitty galore in this house *grins*, after absolutely no knitting for months I now have three active WIP { lol I know shocking right!!}
If you read my weekend ramblings and pictures blog post on Monday, you would have already learnt that I had one of those awful realisations that I didn’t have enough yarn to complete the first cardigan. {You can read more about that by clicking Here}
So while waiting for new yarn to arrive I have cast on a second Cardigan for my daughter {after all don’t want my knitting mojo getting stifled now do I!!}
Again in Marble chunky but in a colour way I have more than one ball in. {ok I will admit I do have quite a few balls of marble chunky in different colours lol}
I have also started doing a few rows here and there on my Caponcho, that’s been sitting unloved for month’s such a pretty colour way would be a shame not to finish it.
I am also going to cast on this The purl knit turban, was going to use my yellow easy knits twinkle, but now I am not so sure.. would have to double knit as it's DK weight.
If you read my one a day posts on a Tuesday, you will know already that now I have finished my granny blanket,  I can get back to my vintage red crochet cloak which is made out of granny squares {yay!! Feel so excited about this project again}
I have never done cross stich before, always fancied having ago, so when I saw these small Christmas themed kits in hobby craft, I had to get them..oh sooo cute!!
Well that’s it from me on the WIP front, but I just wanted to share some photo’s, my children have started their Christmas break. And I am really enjoying have them all home at the moment {couple of weeks’ time will be a different story I am sure!!}

Walks like an old lady {so darn cute!!}

Such a cute Panda!!

Me Apparently looking like a leaf lol well according to my hubby!  

Phoenix sporting his Reindeer jumper :D
Cutest pair of Panda’s ever!! Lol, well that’s it from me I have a date with my daughter and lovely friend Lee {anotherlee} we have a day planned, of baking Christmas themed goods :) will be back tomorrow with photo’s!

For more WIP head over to Tamis :)

Have a fabulous day every one xx


  1. Such beautiful WIPS!! Love the colors!!

  2. I love the old lady pic!

    A leaf?!?!!?!



  3. Hope your yarn shows up soon. When working on other projects I know the one that I can't work on because of missing supplies is the one that I REALLY want to work on. Everything is looking awesome and cross stitch isn't hard, but large projects can get tedious at times.

    Lovely pandas!

  4. Love all your projects...such pretty yarn.

    cute kids and momma :)

  5. It's nice to read a post from someone who has as many WsIP as I do :) I absolutely love the colour of that marble chunky yarn. It's going to make a beautiful cardigan.

    PANDA! So cute :) and good to remind yourself how cute they are when they start driving you nuts ;)

  6. I LOVE Marble Chunky. I bought some while in Canterbury during my London trip, and wish I had gotten more (but considering the state of my luggage, I never would have fit it all in!)
    The colors on the cardi are lovely! :)

  7. I hope you get a good match with your supplemental yarn! It looks great so far. Not surprising you'd want to cast on another straight away.

    Kids all look adorable - enjoy your family time!

  8. Such great pictures. I love the colorway on the second Marble chunky. Suits your yarn bowl too.

  9. All the pictures in this post are making me so happy! They also make me want (a) a panda hat (b) some Marble chunky yarn in the second-cardigan colourway, it's gorgeous, and (c) to try a cross-stitch kit of my own. The ones you picked are too sweet, I hope you have fun with them! I've never actually tried cross-stitch, either, it's on my list...

  10. I hate it when I run out of yarn! I'm currently redoing a shawl with a small needle because of that reason.

    I love all your projects and have fun with the caponcho. That's one that I'm considering.

  11. I love the yellow yarn and turban pattern. Very stylish. Your kids are so cute! Enjoy the winter break with them.

  12. I love the cardigan colours! I hope your new yarn comes soon. Cross stitch is fun, although I prefer my yarn these days :) I do love seeing the pictures grow up one colour at a time. I love your little yarn bowl! It's gorgeous <3

  13. What a feast for the eyes, all that lovely yarn you are using for your projects. I like cross stitch, it was my first ever crafting experience as an adult. I still do it from time to time. Wonderful pics of your kids!

  14. I like having lots of WIPs, I can never stick at anything for too long or I get bored and resentful ;)

    Love the colours you have going on, the new marble chunky is very pretty :)

  15. Wow, when your mojo comes back, it comes back BIG! Beautiful stuff you're working on, but your kids are kind of stealing the show today. Cute!

  16. I did that reindeer cross stitch last year! They're great little kits to get started on, because they work up so quickly.


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