Monday, 5 December 2011

Weekend update {05/12/11} Bit of this and that...

This weekend was quite uneventful really, we stayed in all weekend, watched movies, i cast on {yep you heard me right!!} a Cardigan for Phoenix which i will show on Wednesday, i did a bit of Spinning with the fibre i hand dyed and carded, my actual spinning needs a lot of work, but i am really enjoying it! And of course my beloved Nikon got some play time too!

Close up of raindrops on a little leaf amongst my grass
I love the beautiful colours in Autumn leaves, the browns and yellows are just stunning
Close up of one of the autumn leaves
The sky was really dark and moody the other night, and as the sun was setting
this beautiful bright light filled the back of my garden.

Because of all the mild weather, my grass is still growing beautifully,
and to think this was a mud pile a few weeks ago amazes me!

The fibre i used was the fleece my friend got from free cycled a while back, i dyed it and then carded Angelina fibres through it to give it some sparkle.

As you can see my yarn needs allot of work lol, but i find the, process so relaxing, and in fact quite educating to see how dyed fibre works up as apposed to dyeing yarn after its spun.

Well that's its from me today, hope you all had a lovely weekend!! Thanks for stopping by xx


  1. That last picture is yummy - looks like beautiful yarn. I'm resisting the urge to even attempt spinning, for fear that it will turn into another time-sucking addiction.

  2. Love the water droplets on the leaves.

  3. OOOOOooooo... SPARKLES. I'm like a two year when old in the company of shiny objects! It's gorgeous! I think that an uneven handspun knits up into really interesting cowls!

  4. Oh wow! That handpsun is so sparkly and pretty! Any ideas on what it might knit up into?


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