Monday, 19 December 2011

Weekend Ramblings and Pictures {19/12/11} knitting with fingers :D

Hello Monday! *Waves*
And what a freezing Monday it is! I literally can’t feel my toes! I bet if I throw a load of water all over my floor I could actually create an indoor ice rink: D
This weekend My boy came back from a week’s skiing with his school, I don’t think anyone was more excited to see him then Phoenix, it really made my heart melt, and poor Bailey hasn’t been left alone since lol.
Sophia tired her third attempt at learning how to crochet, which we are both finding really challenging, Sophia because she is left handed, and myself because I am right handed and useless with my left hand! We have tired sitting opposite each other and her mirroring me and well it just leads to tears, which is not what I want her to associate the craft with, so we will re try again next year.
So instead we settled for finger knitting, Sophia did have a go at this last year but through a mixture of losing interest and dropping the loops she didn’t get very far.
This time round however she understood her instructions and really enjoyed it :D! Remember that really really bright red yarn I had initially brought for my vintage cape?! Yep you guessed it, perfect chunky yarn for her to play with!...... And a real bonus for me because  I didn't have to inwardly cringe when she draged the yarn across the floor or nor did i have to count to three, when she gets the ball looking tangled and messy! :D
Really cute moment was when I went in to check on them a couple hours after bed time and Sophia was still there knitting away :D she even designed her scarf in a way that she could have a bow in the middle! {so darn cute!}

Sunday Sophia and I sorted out the workshop to make an area for her new desk! We have brought her, a sewing machine for Christmas and other crafty bits and bobs and family have brought her craft books and bundles of fabric  and buttons etc, she doesn’t about any of this! {Squeee at the moment she just thinks its her drawing desk: D}
Sophia also designed and made her own robot out of felt, while I was working on my new Rad Crobot
i think she did a really good job!
My Crobot is going to be a mix media creation, i am using felt, vintage fabric and both crochet and knitted fabrics.
In other non-crafty news, Phoenix has turned in to a chocolate thief lol, and I have become addicted to custard creams, to the extent that I am going to have to ban them from the house, until I can learn some self-control lol
 Right well I must really get my act together, and get on with some tidying up so I can spend the rest of the afternoon, on the coach with the children snuggling to a good film and of course my knitting.
So I shall leave you with some outdoor pictures enjoy :) xx


  1. The scarf your daughter made is gorgeous, and her robot is very creative. What a lot of wonderful surprises she has coming her way.
    It's so hard show things in any easy way if your different handed. Both my husband and sister are left handed and that has lead to some interesting instructions!!
    My boys are both right handers but trying to copy their dad in sports and so many things, leaves them very doing things very awkwardly.

  2. Awwww...your daughter is so cute with her finger knitting. Her scarf turned out great.

    I would be a chocolate thief too :)

  3. Your family is so crafty and talented!

    I also understand Sophia's frustration, I'm left handed too and have not been able to learn how to crochet no matter how hard I try, but that could also be the "knitter learning to crochet" barrier. Good luck with teaching her, she is very smart so I'm positive she will learn very soon!

  4. Hi, you have one creative little girl there. Great projects. I found when trying to teach someone left handed it was easier for them to watch a video as its facing the same way. I just googled and found a whole list on youtube if you want to check them out.

    Good luck! I am sure she will get the hang of it soon. :-)

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