Monday, 12 December 2011

Weekend Ramblings and Pictures {12-12-11}

After a super busy week, our weekend was quite relaxed! {This was well needed!!!}
The children and I put up the Christmas tree, ok this bit wasn’t that relaxed; as much as I try to stop myself from being a total control freak and let them have creative freedom over placing the decorations, every year I fail. So what have a I learnt from over the years??, large glass of wine is essential , gentle manipulation works! If that fails wait till children are in bed, then spend the rest of evening redecorating tree, go to bed feeling slightly guilty and hope they don’t notice in the morning!
We normally have a 6ft tree, but because Phoenix is going through a little “villain” stage we decided a 4ft tree on top of the dining room table would be more suitable this year, he still enjoys throwing his cars and shoes into the brunches though *sigh* {very lucky he has perfected that "butter couldn't melt" look!..[what an odd phrase!]}
This weekend has also been very self-indulgent; I have been curled up on the sofa with my knitting, huge glass of white and a packet of pringles, hiding my head in kitchen cupboards while cramming chocolate hobnobs in my mouth, making sure I have no crumbs on show so the children don’t catch me in the act. {Now i know i am not the only one who hides from the children i??}
Big sharing pack??? don't be silly!!!
I also had one of those awful realisations, that I didn’t have enough yarn for my cardigan, I have the back and half the front and one sleeve completed, so I am really hoping that the new yarn I have ordered to finish won’t look painfully obvious, which I am sure it will to me!!
Not wanting to stifle my knitting mojo I casted on another cardigan in a colour way I have enough yarn for. Really lovely peacock tones again in marble chunky, this one will be for my 7 year old daughter who fits in my 2 years old jumpers! Lol
After all the biscuits and wine consumed this weekend, I thought it would be a great Idea to get out the house and go on a nice chilly walk around our estate.
Sophia picked out the perfect clothing attire lol {very fashion conscience is this one!!} and I realised I am seriously lacking in hats, so tonight I am going to cast on a turban using my stunning yellow Easy knits twinkle that I brought at knit nation this year.
Sophia is obsessed with fairies, so when are out and about, we always look for “signs” mostly by means of fungi, and found a few big ones today! amongst other wintery delights :)
Hope you enjoy our findings!

Hope you all had a fab weekend! Thanks for stopping by xx


  1. I love your oak leaves pictures, really lovely

  2. Hiding snacks from my kids....never :)

    I LOVE pringles! sounds like a great weekend!

  3. Sophia, you go girl! I LOVE the little sequined jacket! Your kids are adorable! I have had my share of "OH ____" moments when I've realized I was short of yarn. :-( It's never a good situation. I hope that your new lot blends well.

  4. Christmas decorating alsways brings out my inner control freak too and I did the same thing, letting my daughter do the tree and re-doing when she was in bed! Love the silver jacket for a winter stroll - the girls has STYLE!


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