Thursday, 22 December 2011

Rocking around the Christmas Tree with DPNs in tow :D

I am getting so excited I can hardly contain myself…I am humming Christmas tunes, having in-depth debates about what father Christmas and his reindeer, are going to bring. Speculating on how he manages to get round the world in one night…{Now my children are older the questions they fire at you are quite challenging to answer lol.}
I Didn’t have time to post my WIP yesterday, not because I was busy wrapping presents or out shopping..But because I spent pretty much the whole afternoon letting the children wreck the house while cast on my first Hexipuff {yep I know I am late to the trend!!}
My fear of DPNs has been tackled.{ though not concurred yet!! } And I have to note, that actually I am enjoying the challenge.
I have written myself a few lists of personal goals for 2012, and socks are on my knitting list {I will be posting my lists on the blog, once I have finished compiling it .
Bearing this in mind, I have treated myself to Few DPN sets, 10cm and 15 cm Knit pros, and also brought myself *whispers so hubby doesn’t hear* a set of Blackthorn carbon fibre, now these are like gold dust at the moment, and everywhere seems to be sold out, so I felt rather excited, when I found a set of 2.75mm{US 2} on The little knitting company, {All the other sizes where sold out}.
 And I know some might argue that I should have waited for a more practical size, but what can I say I am spontaneous person and when I set my sights on something I want I just buy and think later lol.
I only received those this morning, so full review will posted next week, once I have had time to play, I will say though that on first impressions, the packaging is lovely, they feel really light! And wooden to touch the only thing that’s a bit cringey but at the same time slight addictive is when the needle rubs/touches each other it generates a rather odd sound {slightly like nails of a chalk board but no where near those extremes’} but I still find I can’t help myself from doing it lol
I managed to do more rows on Sophia’s peacock cardigan; I really love working with the colour variations in this yarn, makes the boring garter rows not so boring to look at.
I also got the new yarn for the Muse cardigan and at sight it doesn’t look to different I just hope when I join the yarn this still remains the case.
Also still working on my crobot
Oh and the Hexipuff that I mention earlier that might I add has been frogged countless times, is going to be frogged again, I want to use this yarn for something else as its DK weight and the colour needs to be worn lol
So... I will be making a new Hexipuff using witches brew, been dying to see how this yarn knits up, as I will be adding more like this to my shop after Christmas.
Talking of Christmas I bet get back into the zone lol, I have an elves Christmas hamper to pack for the children on Christmas Eve. For those who don’t know what a elves hamper is, it’s a box of stuff that gets delivered by father Christmas elves on Christmas eve, usually containing, wrapped goodies such as new pyjamas, a Christmassy film, the book “night before Christmas” reindeer food {oats and glitter} and a few foodie treats and children’s champagne {and adult champagne} to get us all in the mood.
I also have to gather supplies so the children can make father Christmas a new hat, to say thank you for all his hard work :D
Have a fabulous day everyone!  xx


  1. Have you seen the website Norad tracks Santa? It shows him travelling around the globe (the fact that it is not night time every where at the same time is helpful in answering those queries too!)

    Love that yellow yarn, and your pictures of the carbon DPNs is making me want some for myself ;) Might be too late for Santa to help, but my birthday is in February...!

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas

  2. I like the yarn you are using for the cardigan. I am using a self-striping yarn for a baby blanket in garter stitch, and it is fun to see the stripes emerge.

    Happy Christmas to you!

  3. That yellow is so gorgeous, can't wait to see what you do with it! Nice buys too, DPNS are my best friends! You'll get used to them soon :)

  4. I used to hate and fear DPN' I love them after learning how to use them properly and that wood and bamboo ones are the best to use. I've been making little gift bags with mine all week. :) Those bags have been great stash busters!

  5. Merry Christmas! I have awarded you a blog award:

    Thank you for your lovely posts and comments. X


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