Wednesday, 28 December 2011

HO HO HO ~ Christmas Ramblings and pictures

Wow feel like I have not blogged for ages!...I have been itching to get on and write, but just couldn’t make the time!
 {And hello *excitedly waves* to some new readers too! thanks for joining :D}
I Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas?  Christmas this year has been brilliant and lot of fun especially now Phoenix understands how to unwrap presents and play interactively with us.

Hat sophia made for Santa :D

Christmas day, I normally wake up before the children and make a start on breakfast, then Sophia usually runs into the front room, to check if “he” has been and to make sure he has taken his new hat, and eaten all his chocolates ..Then she runs and squeee’s excitedly into her brother screaming “he has been, he has been!!”  Then more squeeee’s
Everyone then make’s a start on their socking while I finish cooking breakfast it’s at times like this I am glad our kitchen and front room are opened planned so I don’t miss out on anything :D

We then all take a break and eat our cooked breakfast {nom nom} and it was really yummy! If I do say so myself!
Children normally eat it so fast so they can start unwrapping their main presents from us {stocking are from Father Christmas} this year is rather exciting for both Sophia and I as we brought her, her first sewing machine! Every Sunday I am going to dedicate time to teach her how to use and look after her machine, and I plan to blog about her progress and our projects on a Monday. {squeee}
Anyway about midday we head over to my dad’s he lives in the next main village about a ten minute drive, where we pretty much have Christmas morning again {yep he always goes completely over the top, I put this down to the fact that out of my siblings I am the only one that has children lol} My 13 year old sister normally waits to open the bulk of her presents until we arrive.
I love being at dads, lovely relaxed atmosphere, loads of space to play with the children and their new toys, I don’t have to do any cooking, can just kick back and play with them.
Boxing day, we spend at home, and just let the children create as much mess as they want and play with their toy’s :D
Day after boxing day, we drive up to see my Mother and father in law and do Christmas day all over again :D I especially love this day because the house is full of screaming excited children, with our lot and 5 extra nieces and nephews; they are all round a similar age so it’s great fun.
They all sit round the Christmas tree and open their presents together, and love all sitting together to eat their dinner.
Every year they {the children} put on a Christmas show lol normally hosted and put together by my controlling bossy daughter : D {Wonders where she gets that from!}
  This year at the inlaws I also managed to snap a chair!! Yep it completely collapsed from underneath me! While sitting at dinner!{extremely embarrassing}
{Moral of the story I Must stop indulging in cheese and cracker and bottles of wine and not to mention tins of chocolates :S}
I still think my chair was sabotaged lol but no one is admitting to it!
On the yarny side of things, I have made quite a bit of progress with my peacock cardigan but will save that for another day as I have rambled on quite enough! I also have played with my Blackthorn DPN which I posted about last week and will write up my review at the weekend.
Until tomorrow… Good Night and God bless xx


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