Friday, 9 December 2011

Creative Friday {09/12/11} Knitty Mojo :)

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Morning Friday!
Well what a week! I feel like Monday I hit the ground running, and have not stopped! so busy Christmas shopping, and getting the house ready for the three week long Christmas break with my children who finish school today, then my son goes on his first ever week long holiday abroad skiing with his school tomorrow, so lots of packing and organizing has been done.

Because of the above, my blogging and crafting routines went out the window!, which i have to say makes me realise just how sane and calm they both keep me! lol

Those of you that read my blog, will know that since I learnt to crochet, i have done no knitting at all, in fact i just couldn’t find my knitting "love", after looking at endless patterns on Raverly, which I will be honest made my eyes glaze over, I decided to go back to basics.

Having realised I have never actually made a knitted garment
 {I KNOW} i decided to go back to the book, that i learnt how to knit from "Knitty Gritty" by Aneeta Patel

I have to say that i absolutely LOVE this book! its is great for those who know nothing about knitting in terms of not knowing where to start, as this book is aimed for the absolute beginner!, the instructions are clear! Lots of beautiful Photos and some really nice beginner projects!

The pattern i am using from this book, knits in one piece using rib 1x1 and garter stitch and is finished using pick up and knit.
 Now the pattern calls for DK, but because my Phoenix is huge boy, i decided that 2/3 years using DK would be to small, so i have used Marble chunky, which is bulky and Acrylic.

I am pleased to say, that I have re kindled my knitting love! While yes garter stitch is a no brainier in terms of non-challenging knitting, you have to start somewhere right!!
And like Sally posted on my Face book page, Start small, and learn to walk before you run!! {Great advice!}
Before I go, I thought I would show you how far I got with my yarn wreath, I am really pleased with how it’s looking so far and my right arm got some exercise!!{Now I have one arm bigger and firmer than the other lol}, I am hoping I do get the chance to finish it off this weekend {but I am not holding my breath}
Have a fabulous weekend everyone! Thanks for stopping by xx


  1. Glad you've rediscovered your knitting mojo ;) It's looking great - and I like the colour a lot

  2. It's looking fab and that was great advice. You really took the time to u derstand crochet and I think that it could be you just haven't done that (yet) with knitting that made you feel you didn't get it.

    Happy weekend. We will be wreath making later too!!!


  3. Yay for knitting, and I love that colour and pattern of yarn together! And I love your yarn wreath, I just need to decide what to do with mine now...

  4. Yay for rekindling a love of any craft! The book looks great and I love your project so far - the colors are great!

  5. Glad you got your mojo back! That color is awesome!

  6. I can't even imagine wrapping that much yarn around for a wreath like that! I'd probably get bored and quit halfway through. :)

    I love the subtle striping your yarn leaves in the sweater.

  7. That looks like the perfect project for gaining your knitting confidence back. It looks wonderful and I love the color you chose!

  8. Glad you're finding your mojo! When it comes to sweater knitting, I recommend having multiple projects at all times. Then it's more difficult to get bored! ;-D Also, I really like the wrapped wreath! It's super cute!

  9. Your yarn wreath? Is amazing. As is that sweater-in-progress, the colours and textures are completely swoonworthy.

  10. That's the book I used to learn to knit as well! I love it, and continue to make "bog standard" hats from it, then add a flower to something to jazz it up. She has a second book coming out, for more advanced knitters, but I haven't seen it on sale yet. Love the cardi, and the yarn wreath is lovely.


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