Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday - {16/11/11}

Good Morning Wednesday :)

After a few questions on how am I going to customise my Blythe, I thought it was only right to include her into my WIP.
The plan is to, take her scalp off, and re-root her hair with wensleydale tops that I dyed, not sure if I want a purple/pink mix, or the reddy pink mix..or even the green and blue???
I am also going to give her 4 sets of new eye chips, tweak her eye mechanism so that I can change the position of the eyes into a more realistic one.
I am going to take her face plate off and sand it down to Remove her current make up and also take the shine off her face, then re-apply Make-up.
Then of course knit/sew clothes to match lol..i have already knitted her a headband out of witches brew!
I have ends to sew in for my granny blanket *sigh*
I am also making a yarn wreath using vintage yarn and felt.
 For my December theme Give way, which will run the early part of next week, I am putting together a Mini yarn wreath kit, which you can make yourself, the wreath is a brilliant size for mantel decoration or for hanging in the Christmas tree, and the kit will also have felt, a little skein of yarn. I also have three knit pro crochet hooks up for grabs, which are lovely to gift, or to keep.
Well that’s it from me today; tomorrow my little pickle turns 2, and we are going to the zoo {squee} so today I am going to dye some more yarn, i spent the whole day yesterday printing and making my yarn labels, I am so chuffed with them! I eat, sleep, breath yarn ATM, i just love working with it lol
Have a lovely day, and thanks for stopping by xxx


  1. I love your yarn labels, so very classy :)

    Good luck with sewing your ends in, hope it doesn't take too long!

  2. Great WIPs! Love your dyed yarn colors!

  3. Good luck on your yarn wreath. I've been going back and forth on what I want to put on one and if I should even do it based on the amount of other stuff going on! Too many choices :) Can't wait to see the progress on Blythe as you go, drastic makeover coming for her I see haha.

  4. Everything looks great! I love your labels. Your yarn looks fantastic too.

  5. That sounds like a lot of work to customize a doll. I've never been into dolls. Thank goodness. I have enough stuff to do!

    Digging that wreath. It's gonna look fantastic!

  6. Ooooh.....look at all the pretty yarn! Love the labels! Love the colors of your granny blanket. I'm making a coffee monster for my son's teacher for christmas and will use those sorts of colors. Glad to see how well they go together!

  7. I can't wait to see your finished yarn wreath -- my favorite thing about Christmas, aside form the carols and merry, smiling faces, is vintage decorations. :)

  8. Love your yarn labels!
    Sorry about all those ends :(

  9. I did't even know you could do that to Blythes, looking forward to the finished project. And oooh, yummy yarn

  10. ooh your blythe is very pretty, mine has white fluffy hair at the moment but I'm thinking about buying some wigs..... not sure yet. I love your wreath - that is a super idea!

  11. The labels are gorgeous! Very sophisticated and stylish :) I'm looking forward to seeing the new look Blythe. Good luck getting the ends all sewn in quickly!

  12. Your labels look great and the wreaths seem like a good way to use vintage yarns.

  13. Wow - customizing a doll! Love your yarn and the labels too!

  14. I love the blanket and the wreath looks interesting. I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's finished.

    And you can do that to dolls?!?

  15. I always put off sewing in ends, but it's truly the easiest thing to do if I sit in front of the tv and just get it done. Good luck!


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