Monday, 28 November 2011

Weekend update - Furry friends and crafting

This weekend has been rather exciting; Saturday morning we took the children to the local pet shop to pick their first hamsters. Now if you knew my daughter, who we nickname “Doctor Doolittle”, you would understand what a huge deal this is for her, she has been begging for the last two years to have a furry friend of her own.
Sophia picked a huge ginger Hamster, who at first she named Justin Bieber, then decided after lots of ridicule from her big brother, that she would call him Minty, because of her love of Mentos lol I think she choose Minty because he had long hair, as the first thing she brought was a finger brush so she could groom him lol
He is really cheeky, on the way home he managed to chew through his little box which was thankfully inside a bigger box {which he is sticking his head through in first picture} and it was a mad dash to get him inside the cage so he didn't run loose in the car lol

My son on the other hand picked a beautiful brown hamster who he has named Coco, he seems to be so sweet natured, he also runs on top of his wheel rather inside lol great fun to watch!

Minty lives with Sophia in her room, and Coco with Bailey in his, its so sweet to see them both enjoying the responsibility of changing water, and food. They have even moved where they sleep at night so they can be closer to their little friend.

In other non furry news, i have been making stitch markers which are actually really fun and addictive to make!
{In the process of putting together a photo tutorial}

Sophia did some needle felting, having never done it before, i think she did a great job! And she never stabbed her self once!! {unlike me! my fingers have pit holes all over them lol}

I took delivery of my custom made stamp on Friday, and have been making business cards with recycled card, they look really effective i think.

last night i started to upload my fantasy and rainbow colour ways to Etsy,  9 have sold already! I have aload more to upload today. would really love to see pictures once they have been used.

Finally remember my Christmas give away end at midnight tonight! {winner will be posted tomorrow!}

Have a lovely day xx


  1. The hamsters are adorable! The kids will enjoy them.

  2. Love the stitch markers. Don't think I could handle hamsters....i have a fear of mice, rats or anything that looks like them! I have to admit, the hamsters are kinda cute though :)

  3. Your business cards look great :)

    The hamsters look so cute, I have fond memories of my pets from when I was a child.


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