Monday, 14 November 2011

Weekend update - Exploring in the garden

Weather was really mild on Sunday, so a great opportunity to spend a little time in the garden with my children and my camera
Sophia's hair is starting to grow back, {remember she cut it herself a few months back} but she now looks like she has a very high blunt fringe {much to her delight lol}

Also Managed to capture a bit of wild life {well if flys count lol}, I laid some grass seeds a couple of weeks ago, thinking that it wouldn’t be a success, but due to the mild weather, and no frost covering the ground it managed to germinate, {squee} also have loads of spider webs which was highlighted to me by the dew drops covering them, which are just beautiful.
I also have quite a little collection of fungi growing, and the ivy I cut down, has finally turned brown.

And finally with most of the "pretty" insects gone now the season has turned, I felt quite excited to find a bunch of fly’s hanging out on some random wild flowers in my back garden.

If anyone knows what the flowers are, I would love to know!? Any way on closer inspection, they are actually quite pretty to look at, even if in reality they are really gross pests.

The weather today is completely different, you can certainly feel the temperature has dropped and I am freezing.  So who knows what tomorrow will bring lol
Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Thanks for stopping by xx

Edit update ~ few more pictures i have edited.

Hope you liked them! and thanks for popping back to take a look :) xx


  1. Your children are cute! Lovely photos!

  2. Wow! I LOVE the photos, so close up. The jewelled rain-webs are simply magical!


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