Saturday, 19 November 2011

Supporting Handmade #buyhandmade

It’s a known fact that, a massive portion of the Handmade Designers and makers find it hard to make a living from their unique and personalised small businesses.
I personally much prefer buying Handmade because it helps promote local small businesses and the skill and workman ship, that let’s face it, seems to be dying out because of the mass produced items!
For me You can’t beat receiving a unique , personally handmade item, not only will the quality of handmade item last longer than, a mass productive one, but you also treasure and value the item more because of the effort and passion and skill that has gone into it.
I truly believe that every handmade product bears an invisible hallmark or a little soul from the person who has created it because passion, time, skills, experience, and a whole lot of love is something that can’t be replicated by a machine!
In the UK we are very fortunate to have Ukhandmade, who have set up a Campaign to get people buying and supporting from independent designers and makers again.
They believe it has never been so important to buy from small independent business and individuals given the current economic climate.
Not only that, but buying handmade has other advantages and benefits that you won’t get from buying from the larger stores on the high street!
“Many designer / makers will happily produce items that are made to order and bespoke so you can get something uniquely personal at surprisingly affordable prices because many designers don't have the same overheads as shops.
Buying locally reduces your carbon footprint because products haven't been shipped from the other side of the world.
Buying locally also means the money you spend stays in your area and boosts the local economy.
Independent makers care about the things they make so building a relationship with local designer / makers means you are guaranteed outstanding customer service and exceptional quality.”
For more information and to help to support the UKhandmade campaign by signing the pledge and finding out how to help raise awareness, Visit
You can also add a gorgeous ukhandmade Badge to your website/blog!


  1. That you for the link to that, I will have a lok at it, as I didn't know it existed!

  2. Nice post! You've inspired me to post something similar about our US version (Buy Handmade).

  3. your welcome for the link :)
    Marie that is so awesome that you felt inspired :)

  4. Thank you so much! Good to know we are making a difference to everyone :) Karen, Creative Director of

  5. Wonderful words! Can I snatch them and quote you on my blog? I will of course give you credit for the inspiration! I have added a link to your blog from mine as one of my favourite places.


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