Tuesday, 22 November 2011

One a day project - Granny Blanket

Feeling soooo “over it” about this Blanket it now, I am over half way, but it just seems to be taking for ever!!! *yawn* I still have the hooded part to do as well.
I took a day off yesterday to dye some sock yarns autumn rainbows and they look stunning even if I do say so myself!
Can’t Waite to get back to my vintage cape!!  
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It’s another foggy day in west Sussex :), hope you’re enjoying the weather where you are?!
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  1. Hi Danielle.. oh it is hard when you lose the will to live with a project...especially the big ones..good job you are doing the One-a-day or it might get stuffed in the back of a cupboard (my guilty secrets cupboard in my case)... it is lovely though...and just imagine how pleased you are going to be with it when you have finally slain the blanket dragon :)x

  2. That photo is wonderful, very foggy and eerie.
    Your blanket is looking great, at least you are half way and on the home stretch!!!

  3. I left my Granny Stripe for about four months in the middle, I just wasn't loving it. It was fun again when I picked it up!
    Lovely dye job, those colours are amazing.

  4. I know how you feel with the blankie - I just finished a child's sweater that also seemed to be hanging around forever. Pretty colors you chose, though :-)

  5. Hi!
    The blanket is looking good. Love the colors. That rainbow yarn is awesome. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  6. Keep plodding on if you can with your blanket, it will happe and probably sooner than you realise.

    Your new sock yarn is fab! What great colours!

  7. oh no i hate when you lose the will to crochet, It's a stunning colour combination and with a hood it will be too cute hope you find some crojo to keep going. The wool looks gorgeous too.

  8. One-a-day keeps me going. It gets hard to keep working on the same big thing for so long. Hang in there.

  9. Oh my, that rainbow yarn is so lovely! I love that the colors aren't too bright, they look perfect! Now you've made be want to break out my acid dyes.

  10. The colours from the dye are beautiful :)


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