Tuesday, 18 October 2011

One a day project {week 4}

with GingerbreadGirl
Yarn : Sirdar supersoft Aran in Poppy Red


Cape; 211 squares,{ 21 squares each row subtracted or added to alter length.} 15 triangle motif
Hood; 33 squares, 6 triangles

Progress: 29 - Now starting a new ball {YAY!!}

Thoughts -

Have been really slacking the last couple of weeks! Been so wrapped up in my making and designing my Rainbow Crobot..And now that I am designing another, they have been sat unloved every night; I have only sewed in 5 end :s..I need a good kick up the butt!! Lol.

So my plan of attack this week is
  • Watch little Red riding hood again to reignite the passion
  • Make sure I do two squares a day! - Anything else is a bonus!
  • Set aside time this week to sew in at least 10 ends

I Will be back tomorrow with some progress pictures of my new crobot creation "officebot"
Have a fab day, and thank you so much for stopping by xx

The film Cover and cloak, that inspired me :)


  1. I love this, love the colour, love the idea love everything, can't wait to see you start putting it together!

  2. I love the idea of watching the movie to reignite your passion! I haven't seen it, so hopefully it does inspire!

  3. Come on, girl - you can do it *kicks up butt* :)


  4. I recently watched that movie and really liked the vividness of her cloak against the snow. Can't wait to see yours finished.

  5. I have been slacking too! come lets get stuck in to it together :)

  6. That last photo must inspire you it inspires me, i love this project.

  7. what a great one a day project! awesome!

  8. Oh I sure hope you get your mojo back, you are the only other person making something similar to me! Although I have to giggle each week as people comment on my lovely "blanket" progress. hahaha! I would totally come clean, but I am thinking that I will wait till the big ta-dah! I am enjoying my giggles too much. Yep, I am easily amused. ;-)

  9. Come on get going I really really want to see how your cloak turns out :)

  10. Keep going, it will be so worth it!

  11. I just love this one, I really want to see the end result. Please don't stop!


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