Tuesday, 4 October 2011

One a day project {week 3}

With GingerBreadGirl

Yarn : Sirdar supersoft Aran in Poppy Red


Cape; 211 squares,{ 21 squares each row subtracted or added to alter length.} 15 triangle motif
Hood; 33 squares, 6 triangles

Progress: 21 {Still on 1st ball of yarn!}

To Be Honest this week, I have a lot less squares then planned!.
 But because of the freak weather we had this weekend {very warm and very sunny} I have spent the weekend out, at the beach {yes beach in England!! in October!!} and down the farm with the children. So didn't get any crafting done at all, and in the evenings i was colour coordinating my buttons lol.

Rainbow buttons :)

 I can do four or five squares over the course of an evening,  so will try and bust a quite a few out this week!!

well that's it from me, will be back tomorrow with my work in progress projects.

Have a lovely day and thanks for stopping by! xxx


  1. I love how bright the squares are, I hope you catch up...

    Also, love that nail polish, its awesome!

  2. Indeed, the nailpolish is awesome! And color-coordinated with your crochet hook ;) I have those same hooks - they are the best!!! I can crochet for hours with those - they glide through yarn, don't get hot, don't squeak...
    Goodluck on the project! :)

  3. Loving the colour coordinated buttons :) Great nail colour too :)

  4. Your rainbow buttons look great! I love how you have arranged them on your shelf. I guess you can catch up with your squares next week, it will be much colder outside, I have heard today.

  5. I love the picture of your coordinated buttons! Mine are just in a big mess all over the place.

  6. I've got those hooks as well, I couldn't crochet until I was given them, they seemed to break the knotty curse!
    Your cloak is going to be gorgeous, I love that red, it is one of my favourite colours, I may have to get some to make a winter shawl I have my eye on.

  7. It's such a pretty motif. I hope you manage to get lots done this week :)

  8. I'm sure you'll catch up this week, it is already a lot cooler today, and snow due in Scotland I hear!

    Your cape is goin to be lovely, so rich.

    Love your buttons, maybe I should do something prettier with mine, the are just thrown n an old biscuit in!

  9. Love how you color coordinated your buttons; they look so neat and cute.
    What a festive color for that hooded garment. You do what you can; ohana time and getting some natural Vitamin D is important.

  10. I just love your one a day project, as I said I can't wait till it's finished. And I love your buttons and the little yellow shelf so cute. xx

  11. I'm sure you'll catch up with your squares soon! Your buttons look great all colour co-ordinated like that, and I love your nail polish by the way! :)

  12. Just found your beautiful little blog. I will stop by often. I'm loving your cape. My little one wants to be little red riding hood for Halloween, but I think sewing up a cape would be a bit quicker.

  13. Your squares look fab with the yellow polish!

  14. You've got to make the most of our Indian summer, you've done loads though. I love to see coordinated buttons, I just haven't got the patience to do mine,lol. Have a good week.xxx

  15. loving the nail polish :)
    your squares are fab & due to the weather i spent the weekend out and about to so didn't get much one a day hooky done.

  16. Lovely colour you are using. I am very ceramic curious about your wool holder!


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