Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween FUN

Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year...Every year on Halloween, We get dressed up and head down to, Tully's Farm for for the day.

Tully's is amazing fun, and has lots of spooky activities to do, one of our favourites is getting our face painted, even my mum joins in the fun..i think she makes an awesome looking Devil lol

Phoenix decided that he didn’t want his face painted, and he didn’t want to wear his outfit lol, but he did let me blob his nose, and quickly draw lines on his face, i think he looks cute :)

Below are a few pictures i took while we were at Tullys

Phoenix did find it a bit scary at times, and I have to admit I did enjoy getting lots of cuddles, but on a whole he loved it.
 After 4:30 they bring actors in and the scare factor gets taken up to the extremes, which i hear is not for the faint hearted, only suitable for the age 12 and above, so off we head home, to go trick or treating.

We live out in the sticks in a country private estate, we have one tiny shop and no street lamps, our estate has an Unwritten rule on door knocking, those who are Halloween friendly put a pumpkin outside to make themselves known.
So as you can imagine its super fun, running around by torch light, playing spot the pumpkin lol

Well that’s it from me, off to scrub my face and make a nice hot cupper :0

Thanks for stopping by xx

When i watch a scary movies i need to watch cartoons after, so this is my nice picture of a Tully goat watching the sun set lol
Sweet Dreams xx


  1. Great costumes and face paint! And Phoenix looks so cute with his little nose and whiskers!


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