Friday, 28 October 2011

FO and Creative Friday {28/10/11}

Hello Friday :)
Brace yourself for a Yarn spam!!
The sock yarn that I dyed last week is finally dry!, really happy with how these skeins have turned out, even keeping a few for myself!

I decided to keep Witches brew, a Rose pink, a lace weight plum mix, and the Halloween lilac and green.I balled them up this morning along with a few other personal skeins that i had brought from knit shows recently.

The Rose pink and Halloween lilac are in the front left in this picture.

Not sure what i am going to make with them all yet, {to be honest  i wish i could keep them all lol}

I have also had a go with my wild Ashford drum carder, and made my first batt {squeeee}

Its nothing special really, just some fibre i test dyed a few months back. but its a start :)

 Going to have a play with my spinning wheel this weekend!, i have also decided that i am going to paint a rainbow just on the actual wheel its self.

And leave the rest natural, i am thinking a muted rainbow would look much nicer then a bright one?

Well that's it from me this week,but before i go, please check out Kathryn Vercillo Guest post she has some exciting projects to tell you about! And i finally got round to updating my Get to know me page if you fancy having a read :)

Hope you have a Brilliant Weekend, a Spooky Halloween, and i thank you very much for stopping by xxx

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  1. Those yarns are stunning, especially the 3rd cake down. I was inspired to pop into your shop and was blown away by the colours. That's seriously gorgeous stuff!

    Love the idea of painting a rainbow on your wheel. At least if you start with muted, you can always go brighter if you want to - much harder to move in the other direction!

  2. wow, you are a yarn dyeing master! =D

  3. love all the new yarn!!! what is your dyeing technique?

  4. Those yarns are gorgeous! I'd die to have that much yarn (no pun intended), but I have to keep my crafts bin well-contained. I especially like the blue/purple blend (second-to-last of the rolled yarns), it's beautiful :D

  5. Those sock yarns are amazing, you should do a dying tutorial so we know how you do it! and I think a muted rainbow will look amazing on your spinning wheel!

  6. Wow, the yarn looks great. I love how the colors turned out.

  7. Beautiful colors and what is your secret to getting such good images of the colors?
    I love the idea of a rainbow on the wheel and the rest natural. But when will you have time to paint, you'll be busy knitting, right? lol

  8. Beautiful colors! I enjoyed visiting your Etsy shop too.

  9. Beautiful yarns! So bright and cheery!


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