Sunday, 30 October 2011

Flash Back Sunday...

With my Third child's 2nd birthday looming, I have been going through some photographs, feeling all nostalgic.

Here I am at 37 weeks, being induced, after a developing a multitude of different conditions. I was really hoping that i could have experienced going in to natural labour this time, as i was induced with both my previous pregnancies too.
It was a tough 12 hour labour, 12 hours might not seem long, but my previous births were only 2 hours from start to finish.
This time round it was clear, that Phoenix was not ready at all to come out, i didn’t dilate past 4cm for hours, even though my contractions were increasing both frequency and pain. They decide they needed to help me along by introducing a steroid drip.
 WOW What can i say from here i experience the most horrific contraction pains, i have ever felt in my life, i went from 4cm to 10cm in about 10mins by this point i was begging for pain relief, having only ever needed to use gas and air, {i can now completely see why women beg for pain relief!} but i didn’t have time, he started to crown, and then literally flew out, the midwife had to catch him, he was completely covered in white vertex, and had the biggest and thickest umbilical  i have ever seen! Even my hubby had a job of snipping it lol

Just about see how thick it is in this picture!
 *wonders if i will ever stop feeling broody SIGH*

I Really love being Mummy, yes it is hard work, some days i just want to pull my hair out, others i sit and wonder if i am crazy for wanting so many. but do you know what; in those daily moments when they smile and laugh and  tell each other "i love you", it makes every sleepless night, every dirty bum and snotty nose, every whinny moan; Completely worthwhile, they enhance our lives’, and i sincerely hope they look back on their childhood together with great fondness.

Hope your all having a fab weekend? 
I am off to do some pumpkin carving with the children, we have 6 to-do this year, will be back tomorrow with some Halloween pictures :)

Thanks for stopping by xx


  1. Happy 2nd birthday to Phoenix, I hope everything goes smoothly this time around for you. As for feeling broody well, it will stop sometime, it took 7 babies for me to finally stop feeling broody rofl you just got to decide at which point you've enough lol. Best of luck.

  2. Happy birthday to your little one! And Im with Ruth, you don't have that many yet! I stopped at 5 and am now feeling so clucky its not funny! Mine grew up to fast! Thankfully my friends are keeping me well supplied with babies to love and keep lending me their little kids. LOL


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