Friday, 21 October 2011

Creative/FO Friday - {21/10/11}

Hello Friday :)

I didn't manage to finish my Crobot, but i did managed to dye all my sock yarn, which is still drying. I still have a day's worth of dyeing left, which won't happen this weekend, as i am out for a friends birthday, but i will get it done next week.

I only managed to get a couple of pictures of the new colour ways as they are still too wet.

First up i have colourway that i am just in LOVE with!, i think i am going to keep this one and see what she knits up and crochet like, if turns out as good as i hope, i think i will add a neon range to our shop..
Lee {another} named this yarn "witches brew"..which i just love lol

This yarn, has pink, blue, green and red, and has been over dyed with a black..and is IMO just Stunning!

Next up is a stunning blue with both dark and light hues

Last up is a Halloween fun colour way, lilac and green

This is a ball of plain cotton, that i have been injecting dye into, once its dry i will re ball to see how it turns out, before i do the rest.

In other news...I have brought myself....
Yes a Ashford Traditional single drive spinning wheel {sqeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee}
I have no idea how to spin, but i really, really want to spin my own art this space :)
{Any advice, tutorial's, books would be greatly received x}

It was sooo cold today that i got to wear my sampler shawl that i made last winter {Yay!!}
So warm and cozy, and such beautiful Autumn colours, i think this will be a favorite this year :)

Well that's it from me, have a lovely weekend, thank you for stopping by xx


  1. I love your sampler shawl. The colors are beautiful. And I am so impressed that you have a wheel and the commitment to learn to spin. Wow!
    Finally, my favorite colorway of your drying dyed yarns is witches brew. I wonder how the colors will pool?

  2. I absolutely love the yarn you dyed! It makes me want to get mine out to dye- but alas! I have no time right now! maybe soon :)

  3. the yarn looks lovely! congrats on your spinning wheel - I'm jealous!

  4. I love the witches brew colourway, really want to see how it knits up now!

  5. Love the colour of the first skein. And there's a little something over at my blog for you.

  6. Oh I love the yarn you've been dyeing, they are all great. Your sampler shawl looks so warm and lovely too.

  7. Really like your colorways and your shawl! How great is that!!! I want to learn to spin too. One of these days, when I have time. My goal is to be home within the next couple of years, if dh gets the job he interviewed for on Friday. Please pray that he does, he needs a job! Once I am home I plan on getting my own fleece or natural fibers and carding and spinning and they dying them myself.

  8. always love yarn porn!! love witches brew! Your sampler shawl is gorgeous!


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