Saturday, 1 October 2011

AND THE WINNER IS..........{Squeeeeeee}

  1. Sara Gonzalez
  2. Sarah
  3. napitigal
  4. mwitch
  5. LNL
  6. catrina
  7. Marie/underground crafter {squeeeeeeee}
  8. fofo
  9. hazel
  10. karisma
  11. crochet blogger
  12. enormous
  13. jen
  14. brandi miller
  15. amy
  16. knititall
  17. girl anachronise
  18. kepanie
  19. stocki
  20. rhian
  21. dyespinknituk
  22. jb
  23. tartankiwi
  24. christine
  25. mamgi
  26. crafty clare
Huge HUGE thank you, to those of you who entered my 1st give away!! Thank you, for all your lovely comments!!

It is my pleasure to announce that the winner is Marie/Underground Crafter!!!

Congratulations Marie!!!!

If you would like to contact me via my contact page, and tell me which sock yarn you would like, and where to mail it to, i will get it sent off to you ASAP :) cant Waite to see what your make with it!! :)

{Had so much fun doing this!..already planning my next give away lol :)!! xx}

Hope your all having a wonderful weekend xxxxx


  1. Awesomeness! I'm a bit behind on my blog reading so I didn't instantaneously reply. I am so looking forward to making something super cool. I'm off to contact you now, and thanks for hosting the giveaway!


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