Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday - {28-09-11}

Hello Wednesday!

First up i have my 10th attempted at Amigurumi LOL Wow this is a lot harder than it looks!!

I was trying to make a bunny from the happy hooker, but i just can't get my slip st loose enough for me to be able to work in them, i also cant actually see the stitches lol...if any one has any tips or advice where to look for helpful tutorials, that would be fantastic!, I decided to try and free form and... umm.... well Nipple tassels any one ???? LOL


The nose {nipple} was worked in sl st and the Single crochet {or double}, i am really not liking the gaps in the sc st! So can totally see why sl st is used!

oh well gave me giggle!!

My other Wip is my red squares for vintage cape, i won’t re post details but for those not taking part in the “one a day”, you can see yesterday’s post about this

 I also brought the most beautiful basket purse from Etsy, it needs new handles and i am going to replace the fabric, nothing wrong with the current one, its just not to my taste lol

My other Huge WIP is the shabby shed; i am still collecting storage and creating areas within the shabby shed its self.

I just took delivery of my little custom kitchen area for dyeing my yarn, the butler sink, was already in one of the outhouses that the previous owner must have used to wash her clothes, as there was also a tin bath {which now is home to plants} and washing line. Thankfully the sink was in mint condition and after a good clean looks beautiful.
I now need to get it plumbed in, and find some nice storage to fix above, to store my dyes, glass jars etc.

I also found this most amazing desk that has a display area underneath, which is then divided in to two squares, at the moment I have all my favourite vintage patterns under half for photo purposes. But i am going to create a mood/inspiration board for both that can slide and sit underneath, have not decided yet, if i will use pins or ribbons on the board to hold the objects in place. What do you think will be a better visual option?

The desk will be home to my typewriter and laptop and will be the area i create labels and do other "paper" activities lol  { Really..i have no idea what hehe}

I also then have these two huge book cases, which are screaming for crochet buntings, i am thinking flowers or hearts, what do you think?


I also brought some more thrifted Tea cups and saucers to make Pin cushions with my vintage scraps for the Etsy shop.


While out hunting i found the most beautiful Foley Bone china tea set, 6 cups and saucers, sugar bowl, milk jug, cake plate and slide plates, the only thing that missing is the tea pot!!..Which i HAVE to find!

If you have stumble across it on the web, please spare me a thought and let me know :)

{Quick reminder that my
First give away closes on Friday, sign up why you still can :) xx}

Well that is it today; weather outside is beautiful so i am going to take Phoenix to the farm.

Have a lovely day and thanks for stopping by, will leave you with this beautiful picture of some fab vintage knitting xxx
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  1. I have so far only attempted amigurumi once (although it took me ages to work out what the hell I was doing with crochet, so that may count as attempts 1-5!)

    Add some fringing and you really could have nipple tassels!

  2. Goodness, you have a lot going on! Sorry I can help with your bunny, I only knit and only a beginner, hope someone can help though! Love the bunting idea, I like hearts and flowers! Beautiful tea set too and love the vintage knitting!

  3. I love your taste in vintage and eclectic things. love your new dyeing area.. I too want to fill my home with pretty things..but, a pre-schooler tornado at home stops me from acquiring anything breakable.

  4. Don't know where to start. I LOVE LOVE everything. The basket...the shelves...the sink..and aspecially the cups. Pin cushions? How clever.

  5. Everything is wonderful! The desk is amazing! I love all your finds.

  6. Goodness, there's so much stuff here I don't even know what to comment on!

    For the desk, you could always get some of that gummy-tack stuff and then you don't have to see how it's fastened on the board at all.

  7. Oh, how I want your sink!! I have wanted a farm sink in my kitchen for forever! But, Hubster would refit the cabinet/counter top to allow for one. One of these days, I am going to rip out my cabinets and force the issue. LOL!

  8. Wow - you've got loads going on! Good luck with it all. Hope you bunny starts to look more bunny than nipple soon. :)

  9. Wow! Thats a lot of WIPness! Loving the cabinet with the sink, such pretty wood. And the shelf full of yarn? YUM!

  10. Ok, the nipple tassel nearly made me spit my Pepsi on the screen! Reminds me of Henya's Got Milk baby hat at Chicken Stiches. The butler sink is beautiful and I really like the desk. The patterns under the display is wonderful. I need you to come to my house and organize for me. I'm horrible at it! I love the bone china! I hope you find the pot!

  11. Love the tea set, absolutely gorgeous!!

  12. Loldidnt think i ever say this but lovely nipple tassels !!!! lol.
    Amigurumi looks hard but im sure you will crack it !!

  13. You should try out the tutorials on fresh stitches website. That is where I first started looking to make Amigurumi. So much easier when you can see it in a video. She has a bunch of them. Good luck ---Tori

  14. Did you get the tea set from Age UK in Billy, I have been eyeing that up for ages, but could not bring myself to part with any more money.

  15. My two favorite websites for amigurumi tutorials are Fresh Stitches and Planet June Good luck, because once you get the feel for it, amigurumi is fun. PS: I find that using a comfort hook helps a lot, since you need a much smaller hook than you would usually use for a particular yarn to ensure the stuffing doesn't peak out.

  16. I'm not familiar with the pattern you are looking for, but I know if you go down a hook size or two, you wouldnt have all the gaps.

    Also, there are multiple ami groups on Rav if you needed more specific help.

  17. wow you are so so organised! my dyeing area is the kitchen! :0(

  18. What a gorgeous, gorgeous china set! What a find!


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