Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday - {14-09-11}

Hello Wednesday :)
Got back from Hargarda at midnight on Monday, Tuesday morning I picked Phoenix from my mums, and on the way home the school rang to say that Sophia's shoulder looks dislocated. So I had to pick her straight up and go down the hospital {that was a swift shove back in to reality!!!}
Her shoulder had partially dislocated  and popped back in, unfortunate this was no surprise to me, as my right shoulder dose it all the time, and my brother suffers with it in both shoulders, we both need an operation to stabilise them. And when the shoulder dose pop out and back in your left feeling very sore and achy for a few days.
Anyway we left the hospital and Sophia was told no PE or swimming for the rest of the week, she was ok last night so I took her into school this morning, by the time I reached home I had to drive all the way back to the school { 15 min each way!}, because her shoulder has popped out again while she was skipping!! YES SKIPPING, so I reminded her what the doctor had said! To which she replied” the doctor said P.E and Swimming. We don’t do skipping in ether!!!..So I thought skipping was ok??!” {While I of course bang my head against imaginary wall lol}
So have spent all morning and the best part of the afternoon down the hospital again, she will be seeing a shoulder specialist next week and has been told no sporting actives until then lol. And has her arm in a sling, which of course she thinks is so rock ‘n’ roll!! Lol
Now on to My WIP…where do I start…the yarn got delivered for the vintage Cloak..i decided to go with I looked online found a colour that looked ideal, brought 1300g of it..taken a ball out of the packet..and TBH I think I hate it lol..ARGH
It doesn’t want to photograph at all so forgive the horrid picture. So annoying when you just want to get on, the thought of having to pack it all up and send it back, then look for other yarn, while waiting for it to be delivered just really seems like so much hassle….maybe it will grow on me!  Lol
You can follow my daily progress on my Face book page  if you would like to see how quick it grows :)
what are your thoughts??? {Be as brutal as you like :P}
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  1. your yarn is VERY red but I do think it is hard to tell how the FO will look and think it will probably look great when finished.

  2. Personally, I like the colour, but if you don't love it then be honest - will you want to keep working with it (let alone wear it when it's done)?

    I pulled all the muscles in my back skipping as a kid, it's a lot more physical than one might think!

  3. I took a look back at the pattern picture, and I really love the lacy look of the solid-color version. And I think it would rock in red... especially with a black outfit or even white underneath. Your yarn is pretty darned bright, though.
    : D

  4. Sorry to hear about Sophia's shoulder - ouchy!

    I can't really imagine you in wearing that cape in that colour as you always seem to wear (and really suit) darker things when I see you and that is VERY bright. If you keep your hair dark and wear it with black or Navy I think it could look very effective but as Pinkundine said, if you don't love it, it's going to be a struggle to finish it and wear it, no?

  5. If you don't love it, return the yarn and get something you like. I agree with the others, if you don't like the yarn, it'll be hard to finish that project let alone wear it.

  6. It is too much of a bright red something toned down a bit would be great. If I'm honest it reminds me of the old Woolworths red school knitted cardis!! It will be a very wearable cloak so I would send it back and go for a different shade.

    Ouch at the shoulder. Dont you just love kids logic!!

  7. The color will probably grow on you. Sorry to hear about Sophia's shoulder (and yours!).

  8. I hope Sophia will be fine. ERs are scary places for mothers to visit with their kids.

  9. I think its hard to tell on the computer the actual colour. It looks really nice to me but without seeing the real thing its quite hard to call. I'm sorry your not likeing it. I hope Sophies shoulder is feeling a little less sore now. I've dislocated mine before now and it was sore for days afterwards

  10. Thanks for all your well wishes for sophia!:)

    regarding yarn, i did another 4 squares last night, and the colour is kind of growing on me, i was thinking of doing a contrasting flower to add to them.

  11. That's an awesome red, mind you it is very bright!Couldn't you tone it down with a darker or neutral colour? I love squares too!


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