Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Rainy Update :)

It is absolutely peeing down with rain, at the moment, which is great for my garden! But not so great for my hair!!
Lucky for us, Friday was lovely and sunny, and my mother in laws wedding was a beautiful day all round.
Doesn’t Phoenix look so cute in his little suite, and he is a bad picture of me in my new dress.
I also have a few random pictures of the wedding that I took with my phone below.
In the evening I took the children to my mothers, and went back to let my hair down needless to say I have suffered all weekend from a hung over, so glade the wedding season for me is over lol.. There is only so much toilet hugging I can cope with!!
My only saving grace this weekend and, was a huge packet from amazon waiting by the door for me on Saturday {sqeeeee} I had 7 {yes 7!} books on crochet waiting for me to snuggle up on the sofa with.
I have only 4 pictured but the others were on crochet foods and Hooked by stich and bitch..For my ever growing craft library.
I feel in love with a granny square out of the 201 crochet projects, and spent the evening making myself a huge crochet bow,. And I am very proud of myself, as it’s the first pattern I have ever made up myself :) and it worked and I could do it again! {Bonus}
Last but not least, I picked up yet another vintage restoring project! Very cute children’s table which folds and had a cute deer in the middle; it will need lots of love!
Now I have to get ready for my trip to Egypt with hubby on Friday, but will try and get back on tomorrow with a couple of WIP


  1. You look fab in your dress :) Hope you have a great time in Egypt, it's one of my favourite places ;)


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