Friday, 30 September 2011

Creative/FO Friday {30-09-2011}

Hello Friday :)
Not a true FO..but I had to share! Remember on WIP Wednesday I tried to have a go at amigurmi and it ended up looking like a nipple tassel lol {you can refresh your memory or just have a giggle by clicking HERE)
Well I remembered that, you tube “is your friend”, and stumbled across the “magic loop/circle” technique, which is just awesome!
And after all your great comments and tips, I changed my hook size and managed to come up with this! And I didn’t follow a pattern! I just went with the general format of creating a spiral :)  {ok it’s an odd shaped ball, but you have to start somewhere right??!}
I am now going to attempt a body shaped one; if that fails the cat will have a few new toys lol
I also have to share, another not true FO, just because I am insanely proud, of inserting a perfect zip on a skirt I am making myself. lol
Other people just don’t “get” it!! - Like Hubby, when I shoved the finished zip in his face and beamed look at what I did!!!!!!!!!!..”Well done dear” while looking ever so worried I had finally lost my marbles, wasn’t the, exact reaction I was looking for {yes I wanted a sqeeee}
Remember it is the last day to enter, my sock Yarn Give away, winner will be picked at random tomorrow! Thank you to everyone that has entered so far and for all the lovely comments!! You’re the most amazing bunch of highly talented crafters and you all inspire me in so many different ways!
Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for stopping by xxx


  1. Squeeeeeee, nice one on the zip ;)

    Also, your little crochet ball is really cute :D

  2. Your zipper skills are amazing! I can't get a zipper to look right no matter how many times I try. I ended up having my mother put the last one in.
    Youtube is a great resource and I always forget to check there first. Your crocheted ball looks great.

  3. Woohoo for the zip. (I still haven't dared try zips) I's add a jumpy smiley here but they dont do them on here

  4. Any time a zipper is successfully inserted is worthy of a Squee. Husbands just don't understand.
    I don't see anything wrong with the shape of the ball, it looks perfect to me.

  5. Squuuuuuueeeeeeeee for your zip. I bow down with admiration. The very idea scares me off trying it out.

  6. Great job on the ball! It's always hard to get one that's a perfect sphere.

    And huzzah for the zipper! I haven't tried to do a zipper yet. Mostly because I am pants at sewing.

  7. yay for the zipper! it looks great. :) And dont give up on the amigurmi. It can be done :)

  8. More squeeeeeeee's! You haven't lost your marbles, I think its awesome you put a zip in because I think it looks sooo hard!!

    You have made a pretty neat ball, it looks very I hope you get on ok with the amigurmi, if not the cat will be happy at least he he :)

  9. Great job! Zippers are not easy to tackle!!

  10. hooray for amigurumi!! Your patternless-sphere looks awesome. :D My first amigurumi was a slightly wonky cactus that I gave to a friend for her birthday, LOL. Anyway, I hope you end up loving the whole ami-creation process as much as I do. :)

    And that zipper? Really is perfect. I'm totally envious.


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