Friday, 16 September 2011

Creative/FO Friday {16/09/11}

Hello Friday,
I hope you have all had a brilliant week?!
After making up a few squares for my Vintage Cloak in that really Bright red, I have decided that it’s not growing on me! And have ordered some more yarn in a poppy red! Really hope it’s the right shade this time.
Now I am left with all this extremely bright Chunky red yarn, do any of you, have any ideas on suitable projects to stash bust? I did ask this question on my Facebook page, and Lee @Another and Christine @ theboredknitter suggested Christmas stockings and Christmas decorations.
And Sarah from the Cwtch suggested, just sending the yarn back. But that would be far to logical and sensible on my behalf lol
I have a mixture of FO’s to show you; those of you on my Facebook page would have seen some of these already!  Do you remember my sewing tables?  The 1950s science lab tables that I got from Havant collage! Well I have finally finished the decoupage on the legs using the vintage bed cover that I found at a carboot…really pleased with the outcome!
I also gave this little children’s table and chair a lick of mustard paint, and his toy chest which isn’t pictured as its not finished yet for the play area of the shabby shed.
Twiggy also got a makeover, I had to sand the old paint off and re- apply really pleased with how she has scrubbed up!
I have also been making tea cup pin cushions , with vintage fabric

Remember the bows I have been making?! Well I turned one into a bag, using free form crochet, personally I think the bow looks better in its original state, but my daughter loves it lol
I have been crocheting fruit and have a couple done, but I will save pictures for next week, when I hoping to have full fruit bowl.
Can’t believe it was a week today when we left for Hergarda! Days are just zooming by!
This weekend, will be spent with the children, I am hoping for good weather on Sunday, as the children want to go to the carboot sales…which means more buttons {Yay}
Hope you all have a lovely weekend, and the weather is nice for you!
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  1. you are very creative, I really like how the table turned out..
    Very productive time for you :)

  2. The tables book look great, love them :)

    If you don't want to send the yarn back, I have just queued a red lego brick doorstop on ravelry ;) Purely for using up some red yarn I have hanging around!

  3. When I was a kid, I had a dress out of fabric with a similar pattern to the one you used for your table: who knew the 70s would *ever* be cool LOL

  4. What a productive week! Rock on!

  5. The table came out really nice. Can you send back yarn that's already been used? I would make a scarf for the Red Scarf Project with it being chunky it will go fast, they only want red, the shade of which doesn't matter and it's a nice charity.

  6. too much inspiration in one post! *head explodes*

    Love the decopage and the pin cushions! Might link back to them from my blog if you don't mind!

  7. That table turned out so cute! (I hope you were able to get all the chewing gum, LOL!)

  8. It looks like you've been having fun! I recommend combining vintage red with browns for a fall/winter project. (No idea about what project you should pick though!)

  9. Wow, you got a huge amount done this week! I especially like the sewing table refresh. It looks fantastic!

  10. Love the pin cushion!! Would you mind sharing how you made it?

  11. WOW! You've got so many thing finished. I love the table!

  12. Wow you've been busy!! Everything looks great - your kids seem thrilled with their new things! I never saw a pin cushion like that either - very cool!


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