Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday - {31-08-11}

Hi Everyone!
 Sorry for my lack of blogging ATM, but these last two weeks have been hectic what with two weddings,( one being my Mother in laws this Friday) also my eldest children return to school on Monday, so I have been trying to spend quality time with them.
I am so busy Making crochet and sewing stuff for our winter range at Jane & Michael that I don’t really have time to make stuff for me! But I did cast on a caponcho  for me, as it’s a easy pick and put down project, I am not counting rows, and I can tell by the lace stiches where I am in the pattern, So super easy, managing to get a few rows in.
I have been getting Phoenix’s play area in the shabby shed ready for next week; I brought some lovely mustard paint, and will be revamping some of his furniture.
I have so many FOs to show, but this Friday I am at a wedding, and next Friday, I will flying to Egypt with my hubby to celebrate our wedding anniversary for a few days on our own., so they will have to wait a couple of weeks.
Have a lovely rest of the week!..and a Great weekend!
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  1. Love the yarn you're using for your caponcho, very pretty colours :) That mustard paint is gorgeous too.

  2. Lovely yarn and I like the paint choice! Enjoy your trip and happy early anniversary!!

  3. Have a wonderful time in Egypt and happy anniversary!!

  4. Hope you have a great trip & anniversary! =D

  5. Good grief -- if I were that busy, I'd barely be able to manage a shower, and here's you, knitting and painting and Egypting. I'm impressed! And I hope you have a fabulous trip!

  6. mmmmmmmmm at the paint - that is a lovely colour. Love the caponcho yarn too xx

  7. Is that the same yarn I used for Little Miss' hat? Looks gorgeous!

    Hope you have a lovely break

  8. I hope you'll post a picture once the mustard paint is on the wall and the play area's all done up. It looks so cold and stark in the "before" picture.

    Nice mix of colours in the yarn for the caponcho. Have fun in Egypt - we'll need to see picture from there too, please!

  9. The yarn for that caponcho (and what a fun word) is just lovely! And easy-to-pick-up-and-put-down projects = awesome, always.

    And if you have to be busy, Making things and going to Egypt are wonderful ways to do it, I think. ;)

  10. You are so busy! I am taking a deep breath in your honor :-) I hope you have a wonderful trip & that the school year starts off in a very positive way for your children.

  11. congratulations on your anniversary. Have a great trip.

  12. I love the colorway that you are using for your project. It's so soothing!

  13. I really like the colors in that yarn your using.

    That mustard paint is the exact color my mother painted the kitchen cupboards when I was very young.

  14. oh that yarn, simply lovely! Can't wait to see the finished result

  15. I love that yarn! Have a great holiday


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