Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday - {17-08-11}

Hello Wednesday :)
Very quick WIP from me this week!
I found two, old desks  on ebay, which were originally science lab tables made out of Arizonan wood which were installed in Havant collage in the 1950s, we went up to the collage on Monday to collect them.
As you can image and see from photos, they were heavily stained, drawn over and lots of gum stuck underneath! {yuck!}
Last two days I have been stripping the varnish, and today I managed to get the tops back to the bare wood!. Which is just beautiful!!?
Shabby shed is coming along, just need to finish painting the outside!
I also need to finish felting my balls, and put them up on etsy.
 better picture of the felted balls will be on FO Friday :)
As I said short one from me this week, need to get back on with painting =)
have a lovely rest of the week! xx
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  1. What an excellant find!!! They look very nice! I really like the balls and can't wait to see them felted!

  2. Beautiful work!!!! Can't wait to see the shabby shed finished.

  3. Looking forward to seeing the desks finished.

  4. Those desks are a real find! Congratulations!

    The felted balls look really interesting. Like looking for shapes and figures in clouds.

  5. Oh you are right, those desks were totally worth it, that wood is beautiful.

    I am so jealous of your shabby shed, it looks amazing. I am sure it's going to bring you many, many hours of pleasure.

    The felted balls looks so sweet and soft.

  6. Ooh! Pretty, pretty, pretty! Can't wait to see the tables and the balls in their finished-up form. Thanks for sharing such fun stuff!

  7. Nice work on the desks, the wood is beautiful!


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