Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday - {10-08-11}

Hello Wednesday =) and what a lovey Wednesday it is!
Today I am crocheting hats this one in particular is a newsboy hat and will have a rose to one side.
I love the variations in this yarn, so bright and cheery!

 Good thing that i am making hats! Sophia has decided she didn't like her fringe and attacked it with some paper scissors! Feeling very sorry for herself now! And asked if i have a spray to make it grow back, like i do on my plants {if only! i could do with some hair growing spray myself! lol)
Thankfully it’s not too bad, and i can cover with other bits of hair! {Any way back yarn..}
I am also putting the last touches to the little jumpers and cardigans we have been making over the recent months, we used a vintage pattern we thrift at car boot sale months back here are few pictures of Phoenix trying them on for size this morning! {There will be more pictures of all the other ones on our J&M blog once finished} their so cute and snuggly, and make me look forward to the colder months.
Loads going on in my garden, today I harvested some yummy tomatoes I have three different variety’s growing, some onions, potatoes, peas and lettuce.
My pumpkin is getting huge!!
This one in particular is bigger than my hands!
The children’s play house is nearly done!  Hopefully will be completed by Friday!
Speaking of Friday, i will actually have a few things for FO Friday.{makes a change lol} so will be back then with some goodies to show {eeeeee}
Head over to tami for more WIP

Oh and before I forget,  I got featured on Kathryn's blog crochet concupiscence, every friday she will be reviewing the blog rolls of the blogs she follows, in order to find new inspiring blogs! i think it’s a brilliant idea! And another reason to look forward to Fridays!


  1. That hat yarn really is very cheery, and your jumpers look so cute on their little model :) Luckily the fringe trim can be covered and looks quite cute and wispy, I did that as a child and looked utterly awful for months!

  2. The hat is so pretty.
    The fringe will grow back, eventually. My daughter cut about 5 inches off the bottom of one of her braids when she was about 6. We were to have dinner with the in-laws too. It was wild but we all survived.

  3. My youngest did the same thing to her hair right before the Daddy/Daughter dance one year, she did it at school! Took a while to grow back but she learned her lesson.

    Really like the jumpers and the color in the hat. Your little one looks so cute!

    My garden has been going like gangbusters. We have had lots of tomatoes, which of course makes the girls at work happy because they get the overflow.

  4. Lovely photographs! I feel your daughter's pain. When I was about that age, I gave myself a lopsided mullet. Poor choice on my part, as I had to wear my hair in clips for a good two years. At least it will grow back -- eventually!

  5. Aw! She'll learn, but good thing it isn't too bad! Lovely photos. Progress in all areas is wonderful and a delightful read.

  6. Stunning hat.

    I think we all have gone through that phase when we have to take the scissors to our hair to resolve something.

    I always wanted long hair, and my mother wouldn't let me, my middle sister however did, and I was so jealous, I shaved off one side of her hair, all gone. So seriously a fringe will grown back and doesn't look as bad as one side of hair.

  7. Oh my gosh, that hat. I'm in love with the colours. And those jumpers, too. So, so classic and completely beautiful. :)

    And yum, fresh veggies. I'm glad your garden is bringing you such wonderful things.

  8. I love the colours of the hat! The fringe doesn't look bad at all, and your little jumper model is cute!

  9. Very cute. It doesn't look so bad, her hair. When my granddaughter was 4, she hacked at all her long locks in different lengths.

  10. What's the yarn that you're using for the hat? Looks great!

  11. Oooh lovely garden produce!

    Love the l'il sweaters :)


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