Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Weekend update - { buttons and new colourways}

Hello everyone,
Been very busy since Friday,
Saturday I spent the whole day dyeing yarn, I really love baby Alpaca I would love my whole bed to made out of it hehe
Did you know that It is It is warmer than wool, which is great as its not prickly at all!!
It bears no lanolin, which makes it hypoallergenic. Making this yarn perfect for people with sensitive skin and/or babies!
Below are the pictures of colour ways I created. And are now available in my Etsy store to purchase
On Sunday I left the children with hubby and went treasure hunting at the car boot on my own, I found looks of gorgeous buttons! In particular so fantastic glass buttons with butterflies in the centre, I don’t think I will be able to let these ones go, so I am going to have to make myself something so I can wear them.   
I also found some spice storage which I have repurposed as my button holder, it twist’s around as well like a lazy Suzan {eeee}
I then stumbled on this awesome damn troll! Which I know is not to everyone’s taste! But as a troll collector as a kid, I could not let this one go! He is huge!! The lady who was selling him told me it was brought for in the 60s when she was a little girl! {I love it when I know the history of the stuff I have thrift!} She only wanted £3 for it!! And it’s in amazing condition!

Sophia has declared it to be a she! And I am making her some new clothes out of vintage scraps, I will keep the original outfit tucked away somewhere safe!
I also found this awesome vintage weaved basket which reminds me of the lunch pail out of wizard of oz {bizarre I know as the lunch pail was metal hehe) and I am using it to store my lace at the moment, but if I do take Phoenix out for a mini picnic you can be sure I will be using the basket lmao!
I also found a couple of cute glass paper weights, and a salt and pepper pot.
Sophia also lost her very first tooth!, she was so excited about the tooth fairy that she insisted that she cleaned the tooth, and ended up dropping it down the sink :s needless to say it took a fair few hours to calm her down and convince her that a tooth fairy was small and cleaver enough to fit down the sink and find tooth without coming to any harm lol
Are any of you using instagram? I can be found @ astashaddict and janeandmichael
Its official I am completely addicted to instagram, as soon as I make something or find something, it’s the first place it gets uploaded to! { I apologise to those of you who have seen all these pictures already! Hehe } its brilliant if you, have an iPhone I recommend it!
And look who got delivered today!!
She was made in the 1960s as a twiggy inspired mannequin and is now my new model!  
Her make up could do with a retouch, which is now on my ever growing list of restore projects lol
And last but least I am pleased to say that one science table is now complete! {eee} pictures will be put up Friday!
I tested it out last night with a little sewing project, need to make myself a sewing wallet to keep my bits and bobs together when thrown in my project bag.
I made it out of vintage scraps and a vintage button, lovely and shabby!
well thats all for now, i Will be back tomorrow with my WIP xx


  1. Love the colourways. That Troll is great, I love ugly things,and those buttons are gorgeous, I wouldn't be able to let them go either. The new model is just so sixties, she has a great pout.

  2. You found some fantastic things! And I like your sewing organizer.

  3. Wow so many things I don't know where to begin! I love the gold/wheat colored yarn ... fabulous! And the butterfly buttons ... and the troll, I collected the miniatures in the 90s. Lovely bunch of stuff!


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