Monday, 8 August 2011

super quick update!!

Feel like I haven’t blogged in ages!!  Had so much going on this week, what with taking the children on day trips to London, and fishers farm, having builders at my house insulating and wiring the shabby shed, I also had my mother in laws hen night this how I manage to finish my giant toft bag {i will Reveal in this weeks FO friday!} and hand dye some more yarn for our Etsy Shop  is beyond me!
Have not had time to upload all the pictures from this week, so will leave you pictures of the new colour ways I created today!  I love them!


  1. Very pretty! I don't have just one fav, I like them all!

  2. Stunning colourways, love them all :)

  3. Amazing new colorways! Especially love that purple, yellow, pink combo

  4. Gorgeous colors! I think that's one reason why I knit..... because of the lushness of colors.


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