Tuesday, 2 August 2011

late weekend update

Wow can’t believe its Tuesday already!
We have been super busy here, what with the children being home on summer holidays, lunching our new business.
This week in particular is  jammed packed with activity’s, Lees step daughter is down from Scotland for a week, yesterday, we went to Brooklands park, the children had pony rides, tractor rides, mined for gold , then we went across to the sea front, and the children went for a play in the sea.
Was a brilliant day, the children didn’t moan or fight, it was laughter and smiles had by everyone, even when we did end up walking 45min to get fish and chips =)
Today our shabby shed is being built as we speak (YAY!!!)
Tomorrow we are going to London for the day, to have a walk around all the museums.
Thursday we are heading to fishers farm for the day, and if the children aren’t to tired Friday, we may take them to pick their own fruit and veg on a farm.
We also  brought our children a play activity tower, which is becoming a pain to build! It’s a big job, but I think it will be worth it when built.
{The left is what we have built so far, the right are pictures from the box}
Do you remember hair wraps? they were a big fashion statement in the 90s, you all ways new when someone went on holiday because they would come back with lovely multi-colour wraps in their hair!
I taught myself to do my friends hair, and my own, when we used to hang around Camden market in London.
I was showing Sophia some pictures of me, in my teens and she noticed them in my hair and wanted one, we decided to put a rainbow one in her hair, I think it looks awesome =) might even put one in my own lol
Will be back hopefully with my pre-written WIP tomorrow { been working on my Giant toft Bag!} and also tales from London and the farm!

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