Friday, 19 August 2011

FO and Creative Friday {19-08-11}

Today I have my completed felted balls, which are made by a combination of welt and needle felting, they also have a bell inside, which produces a rattle once felted.
These balls are great from birth, especially once your child is able to hold their own head while having some tummy time, because of the interesting colours and textures to look at.
Once your child is able to grasp, the balls when moved produce an interesting rattle.
The balls are very light, they won’t hurt if dropped or thrown, they are made of 100% wool, and the fibres are dyed with natural dyes and can be washed if they get dirty.
My son is now 21months and he loves the collection of balls I have made him, his biggest being the size of a football. They get played with every day, and now that he is perfecting his aim, I am very thankful they don’t hurt when one catches you off guard lol
I also have my own collect of balls on display for decorative purposes, and our cat shadow, has his own set of cat sized balls with bells in, which he loves!! Lol.
We will be adding more designs and sizes on to our etsy shop, and also creating a free tutorial for those of you who want ago at making some yourself.

 Hope you all have a lovely weekend! and the sun is out where you are!
This weekend I will be working on our 1950s school tables I have one side completed, I am using decoupage on the legs with some vintage fabric and leaving the tops bare. I am absolutely in love with them!
I will also be going treasure hunting on sunday at the car boot {eeeee}
Bye for now xx
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  1. I think the little ball with the mushroom on is my favourite :) I keep meaning to make some felted balls as a decorative thing, but haven't found a good tutorial yet... Looking forward to seeing yours!

  2. The balls are so much fun, colourful and I bet they are really tactile. Your table is going to look amazing, well done!

  3. I'll be honest, I don't really "get" felted balls (I know there was an obsession with them on NM last year) but those sure are cute!

    Your table is looking lovely too!

    Have a fab weekend xxx

  4. The balls are so sweet.

    I love the tables they are really turning out to be something special and unique.

  5. I could just look at those felted balls forever and see new things in them. So cute!

  6. I really need to make some felted balls. Each of yours is its own amazing little work of art. The mushroom one is fantastic!

  7. I love the felted balls! I may have to make some of those. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. The felted balls are fun, what cool color combinations. Good luck with the table

  9. Those balls are so cute! I really like what you are doing with the tables!

  10. The balls are so cute! I love what you've done with the table. It looks fantastic.

  11. The felted balls are very clever and I love the table, it looks fantastic.

  12. Those felted balls are so cute and colourful ! I'd never seen anything like them before but I think they're a wonderful idea . Love to know how they're done , more research on the net required ...

  13. I am loving these tables!! Can't wait for the finished shots.

  14. I have to be careful how I phrase this ... "I love your balls--" ... no, that won't work. "Your balls are awesome!" Well, that's still a little naughty ...

    You get the point!

  15. those balls are awesome! my cat Mollie would love one with bells, I'll have to make some!

  16. Thank you for the kind comments :) tables should be finished in the next few days :)

  17. I love the modifications to your tables!

  18. The balls are very cute!! Can't wait to see the finished table/desk!


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