Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday 13/07/11

Evening all.
Finally had my fabric delivered, very excited, just need to stock up on some solid colours now!
i am still waiting on some more fabric that went out of stock, and a pre- order.
i also brought some more trim and ribbons

On the Yarny Front on things - I have been busy crochet lots of little booties, which I will reveal on Friday.
In the mean time I have been trying out a crochet hat pattern, but with horrid yarn and the wrong sized hook (waiting for post man) just to get the pattern straight in head.
Personally I think it looks like a boob lol   
And now that my elbow is bearable, I have picked up my caponcho and done a few rounds today, I must admit for a few mins, I couldn’t remember how to hold the needles and throw the thread lol
Do you find that when switching between the too?
It’s the countdown to knit nation, and I am super excited!! We are doing a spinning class Saturday morning, then afternoon tea, and lots of ooooh arrrhs and plenty of squealing while we walk round and stalls, I need to make my shopping list! And find an old lady trolley to take with me, to carry the stuff!
Something like this!!

Oh and before I forget, here is what’s be happening in the garden lately!
we have the pumpkins which are getting so long!!
It starts from the back wall!!
close up of the wild flower mix the children grow from seed

Well that’s it from me this Wednesday; thank you for stopping by! i will see you Friday ( Double Yay!)
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  1. I am so in want of some of those prints!!! How beautiful!!! Where did you find them?

    Your garden looks lovely. A bunny rabbit at most all of my plants this year. I have tomatoes, tommy toes and one bean plant. I had planted tomatoes, beans, cukes, lettuce and squash. Darn bunny!

    Can't wait to see what you make!

  2. Serious fabric envy. Where did you find that amazing stash from? xx

  3. The fabric is pretty. If I haven't knitted on circular needles for a while, I will forget how to do some of it and have to review the technique.

  4. What an amazing selection of fabrics! Your garden is looking great. Have fun at Knit Nation!

  5. Thanks, fabric is from :)

  6. These fabrics are gorgeous! I love the ones with the birds! Oh I love ribbons (I now have ribbon envy!)

  7. There are times when I can't decide what I like better - skeins of yarn or bolts of fabric! We recently moved and I had no idea I had that much fabric. I'd get more if I had a place to put it. I'm new to your blog, what do you make with all this beautiful fabric?

  8. I'm green with envy, those are some incredible fabrics! I love the ribbons too :)

  9. Love the fabric, Love the trims.


  10. That fabirc is stunning! So cute and full of whimsy! Have fun with them!!

  11. Those fabrics are so unique ... what will you do with them all?

    Fabulous garden!


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