Monday, 11 July 2011

Weekend update - Treasure hunting with Jedi Jon and Lee

Morning all, this weekend has been brilliant as far as treasure hunting goes!
Friday, my children broke up for 8 weeks for the summer holidays,  on Saturday we had prize giving in the school hall, and the current head masters (Mr Mole) final speech, after 15 wonderful years heading our school, he has retired, needless to say it was emotional for everyone, I am pleased that the new head master “Mr king” who has been his deputy for the last five years, got selected by the board of governors to take his place,  Mr King has a passion for teaching and all the children adore him. He is a lot younger than Mr Mole, so will be interesting to see what changes he will introduce to the school.
On Sunday My Lovely friend and New Business partner Lee and her equally lovely Husband Jon and I went Treasure hunting at Pease pottage, to hunt down, vintage fabric’s, buttons, patterns and books for our stash.
I am very pleased with our findings!
I got a whole sewing box, with the contents for £2

I found lots of yummy buttons, and Jon with his Jedi button choosing skills, picked us out some great mixed tubes!
I also picked up some lace and trimmings
Fab book called wild knitting, which I couldn’t resist buying because of the armadillo wrap hehe

It also, has such fab photos and surprisingly and great wealth of information on blocking and pattern forming.
I also found a Debbie bliss baby book, but I have to say lee found the most awesome book ever on vintage crochet children’s patterns, once we get our shabby work house delivered, between us we will have quite the library!
We did manage to find some awesome pillow cases and duvet; I only have the picture of the set that came home with me, but Lee got some amazing finds too!
I also got myself a beautiful jumper which at £1.50 was a bargain! And a cute little tin, badge and scarf.
I also picked up some books for my children – Meg and Mog (do any of you remember this? )
And some horrible henry books!
And after reading the lovely Kat at roadsides blog post “ memory lane” I spotted a cream egg car and had to grab it for her..(Even though I sure she will already have one, thinking about it now lol)
Hope you all had a lovely weekend; I am just waiting on the courier to bring me lots of fabric that I ordered from printsnto polkadots last week , so shall be back with lots of yummy fabric pictures.


  1. Excellent finds - I'm very jealous of your button haul!

  2. Great finds! I love the buttons (I may have a minor addiction to collecting them...) and that Wild Knitting book looks like it'll be a lot of fun. I laughed when I saw the armadillo wrap.

  3. Hey thanks, yes I do have a couple of creme egg cars, but not that one, so a huge Thank You for thinking of me, I didn't go this weekend, had a little electrical problem the night before which involved the electricity board laying cables from my house to two of my neighbours houses at 2 o'clock in the morning.


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