Saturday, 23 July 2011

More Yummy Colour ways, and And exciting news on the business front!!

Today I dyed more yarn, very happy with the results, and due to an increasing number of interest, we will be incorporating hand dyed yarn along with our vintage inspired children’s wear and accessories,  we originally started learning to dye yarn because we wanted to recreate (vintage) discontinued colour ways for some of the patterns we are using, like duck egg, slate, camel, salmon, sage, olive, then your mustards, and other vibrant retro colours  once we have successfully created these, then these colour ways will also be up for sale. Of course we will also be able to do custom dyes as well!
I am also very excited to announce that we have finally picked a name! Our logo is being designed as we speak!! (not revealing just yet) Until our main website is up and running, we will be  Opening an Etsy shop in the next few days and selling some bits and pieces, while we are still creating stock. We are saving our main key items for the official website opening.
Our work space aka the shabby shed has had the base laid {yay!!!} and will be delivered and erected on the first of August!
Tonight I have started decoupage on my old book shelf using a vintage bed set that we found at a car boot, it will have a layer of varnish when done!  And will be used to store yarn.
What can I say, were both super excited, and nervous, we feel so lucky being able to pursue a great passion of ours?
We will of course we will also be having a blog created for our business, which will keep you updated, on new fabrics, designs, new yarn colour ways and of course FO’s and other projects like felting etc.
On to the photos
Gorgeous tones of blues and charcoal (100g sock weight)
Stunning tones of yellows, reds, oranges, and plums (100g sock weight)
This yarn is already on hold for an overseas customer, and it’s a mixture of blue, reds, and charcoal (100g sock weight)  

Base done for "shabby shed"
Tonights project!
Hope your all having a lovely weekend, and the weather is good where you are!


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