Friday, 8 July 2011

Creative/FO Friday - Simple things

YES it Friday!, this is one week that couldn’t go fast enough! Had a hangover from Hell that just seem to last for days!! I can honestly see why I don’t go out that often, it knocks out my motivation and creativity and leaves me like a bear with a sore head!!
Any way enough of the moaning and on to some super exciting stuff..last week I ordered Laura Ingalls wilders, little House book series , for some school holiday reading with my children, and I couldn’t help but also hunt down the, TV series of the house on the prairie on DVD of which got delivered this week, as well as The Walton’s.
If you haven’t seen these or read the books, I can honestly say you’re missing out!, more info click Here and Here and Here
I have such huge fond memories of watching these with my family; I plan to watch them with my children, after we read the books, but I couldn’t resist watching season one on my own.
Little house on the Prairie is even better then I remembered, and I spent most of yesterday in tears, it really captures and celebrates family and community unity in such a heart-warming way, very inspiring. 
Children including mine are way too spoilt these days! And far to grown up at such a young age! I really hope that in the next two months that I have my children at home with me, I can re awaken there inner imagination and open their hearts to some good rooted old values, and reconnect us as a family.

My FO this week are a pair of little crochet booties, I have only ever done granny squares, so I am really pleased with how these turned out, I will be making more, and in different sizes and colours to sell on my stall.( I brought the pattern from Revelry which gives me permission to do so)

Look like little frogs hehe

I am trying to come up with a pattern for Phoenix, he has size 8 feet, and their a Clarks width H, he isn’t even two yet and we are already having problem finding him shoes because they’re so big and wide, these wouldn’t be any good for outdoor use, but I think if I lined them with fleece they would be great slippers.

So far I have this

I have managed to get the size and shape, now just have to work out how I want the toe and top to be.
Thats it from me, have a fantastic weekend!
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  1. Fabulous books, all children should read them. I read them as a young girl, and read them to my daughter; then we enjoyed the tv show too.

  2. The shoes look fab!

    I also loved watching those shows, but it was on a Sunday morning in my flat before I was married. And usually with a hangover!

  3. We have been in the habit most recently of watching Little House on the Hallmark channel...amazing remembering what was going on in my life the FIRST time I watch it.

  4. Those booties are so cute!

  5. Love the booties and also the beginnings of your slippers.

  6. i love those books. Did you know that they have expanded on the original series by adding rose's story and also laura's mother, grandmother and great-grandmother as well? It gives kids a glimpse of what life was like for kids all the way prior to the revolution, and also what it would be like to grow up in Scotland. My summer reading kids really liked them .

  7. Oh, I loved those books growing up and my son in turn enjoyed Little House a few years ago. The booties are adorable!

  8. I LOVED the Little House books when I was younger. Seeing this post makes me want to dig them out and read them again :D

    And the slippers look lovely! And, yes, they kinda do look like frogs!

  9. The slippers are soo cute!

  10. Gaaah those green booties are too cute!

  11. thanks for all the comments :)
    and woollymammonth - i didnt know that!! so huge thank you :)


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