Friday, 1 July 2011

Creative/FO Friday 01/07/2011 Dreams and Goals

I have been a bit neglectful of my blog this week, but for a good reason! Now that we as a family have decided that Phoenix is our last and final addition to the family, I have been thinking about which direction I would like to take my personal life, in a couple of years Phoenix will start play school, and I will be able to develop my own dreams and goals.
It’s no secret that I love crafting, after all this is mainly what this blog is for. (Another creative outlet) I am most happy, when sat at my crafting desk sewing, or knitting, so I have decided that I don’t want to go back to an office job, or back to working in the beauty industry!
I have booked myself on a couple of dress making courses for September, with a goal in mind.
 I would really like to design and sew/knit Vintage inspired children’s clothes and accessories; I have been busy collecting vintage clothes and toy patterns, as well as pillow cases, bed sheets, tops etc
The main goal will be to use vintage patterns, and/or vintage buttons, fabric and trims, with a mix of vintage inspired fabric and my own inspired patterns.
New fabric to play with =)
I am a, all or nothing type of person, and once I have my heart in a project I am in 100%, therefore the last few weeks I have been researching the history of children’s clothes, I have been teaching myself how to use my over locker to its full potential, I also invested in another sewing machine, which is heavy duty, and been teaching myself how to use all the feet that are available for my machines, and just playing around with different techniques
Rolled hem
I am a firm believer that practice makes perfect, and that’s what I am using all spare time doing!
 my clothes aren’t at a sell able standard imo right now and I am fine with that, after all Rome wasn’t built in a day, but I would like to think with some dedication and vision I will be able to do a few stalls with My Friend Lee (who in fact I am wanting to come on board with me!) by the end of the year to test the waters.
One thing I have found to be a life saver, is my adjustable junior dressmakers dummy, after all my daughter has to go to school, and she isn’t so great at standing still, and sticking pins into lol

The dummy is only adjustable from age 6- 10 so I brought a couple more a 0-1 and 3-4, with all these dummies and machines, and my ever growing stash that’s completely taking over the front room. My hubby decided enough is enough, and has brought me a 30ft by 14ft summer house to go at the end of the garden. He is even going to get running water and obviously electric put in!!
I am so excited!! I have decided I am going to stain the outside white, and hubby going to fully insulate the inside so I can work out there through winter. I have also decided that I am going to section off one side, and have a crafting area for the children so they can be with me while I work, I have just brought Sophia her first sewing machine which she is so excited about!
Phoenix first picture =)
The summer house gets delivered on the 1st of august, which leaves me just enough time to get the garden ready!
Wow I apologise for the length of this post!! But I guess I am very excited about life at the moment!
On to my FO’s
I made a Shrug for Sophia, it’s my own design, so not perfect in any shape or form, but was a great learning curve for when I do my next one!
I also made her a dress from a pillow case (pillow cases are a great source of vintage fabric) I really don’t want the dresses to ‘look’ like a pillowcase though so have been playing around with styles
This dress technically is not a FO as I need to finished the straps but the dress itself is done, I really love this fabric the art deco daisies are beautiful I managed to get a double sheet and duvet in this pattern as well! And if they had been, super king I would have had them adorn my bed lol
 picture left  the top half wasn't finished
I have had to cut the pillow case up and re sew as the patterns were  facing width ways instead of long, and I have added a lace trim.
Well if you reached the bottom of this post! Well done :) and thank you!!
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Have a fantastic weekend every one!!


  1. Wow, a summer house for crafting, that's awesome! You've clearly got an eye for cool fabric patterns, so I think you're gonna do great :D

  2. Want an exciting decision to have reached. It sounds like you approaching it really sensibly and planning well in advance for when you want to be able to really start in a couple of years. It makes sense to start now.

    Hubby is great to have bought you such a huge workshop. What a fabulous fella! I am quite jealous. My Summer House is a little small to use as a workshop, and also either really hot or really cold. I tried using it once, never again!

  3. Wow! You have been busy! I think that it's great that you want to stay home and work from there! I was a sahm for a while and I loved it. Lately I've been wanting to go back home. Corporate life just isn't for me. I miss being at home with my children and cooking and creating like I did. You have a good start and if you are determined enough then I'm sure you will make it! Good luck and enjoy yourself!

  4. Very cute projects!

    What do you use for your photos? Hipstamatic?

  5. I think your goal to sew/knit children's clothing from vintage patterns is amazing! I currently am working to sew myself a wardrobe from vintage patterns I've collected over the years! I hope to do the same for my children... when I have them. :-)

  6. I think your goal is great. It's so important that we create the lives that we want to have and it sounds like that's eaxctly what you're doing!

  7. Absolutely brilliant!!!! Can't wait to get an invite to come and christen your crafting room ;)

    Have a great weekend xxxxx

  8. All the clothing turned out fabulous! And I'm so excited for you about the summer house/studio! (and jealous too! I'd love to have my own place like that away from the husband and the cats.)

  9. Everything looks great; I love the fabric patterns you have/found!

  10. Wow, all your sewing looks awesome. I'm so jealous of your new awesome summer plans/studio. What a blast!

  11. My mom was a seamstress but I can't even sew on a button correctly! Lovely projects.

  12. What a wonderful idea! I am jealous of your talents. :)



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