Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Been A while

I know I normally do a weekend update, but this weekend as been one I wish to forget! And through no fault other than my own! I went out on Saturday night the first time in a long time! And I got very drunk, and dropped my iphone down the toilet, so all my pictures are gone! I hadn’t back up my phone since March (*cry) and i was sick on a friends floor! (not done that snice my teens..oh and my hen night lol)
I woke up Sunday feeling very down, and extremely hangover, and its taken me till today to feel 100% myself again, now I remember why I don’t go out that often lol
I have no pictures to show you of the weekend! But maybe that’s not a bad thing lol
I know have a new iphone so life can carry on as normal hehe
Will be back later with my WIP’s


  1. Oh no! Hope the hangover is gone ;o)

  2. Ooooh hangovers are awful, especially when you have to go to work! Good thing you were sick, though, think how much worse it would have been with that extra alcohol on board!


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