Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday 15/06/11 Total wash out

This week as been a complete wash out, those of you that read my weekend update, will have already seen that I have given myself a bad case of golfer’s elbow from all the crochet I was doing in order to get mums blanket finished, I did try to cast on my caponcho, but it’s just too painful to do at the moment, you will also,  notice that I decided to change my choice of yarn, I have decided to use Arauania Wool Multy I brought 400gr at 240yd/220m. I should have plenty to Finish
I also picked up a knitting machine (brother KH-836) for £20 at the car boot sale on Sunday, looks sooo complicated to use!! among with other bits (More information Here)
With knitting and crochet out of Action I thought, I would give my sewing machine some love, I started to make Dalia a Topsy Turvy Doll, was making great progress, when my newly serviced machine decided to die on me!! And without warning!!... Not a happy bunny!
I have had to send my machine back to singer HQ to get fixed; I just hope it doesn’t take weeks! It’s already been five days :( think I am going to sell it and buy a heavy Duty Machine.
I have just brought an Pfaff Hobbyloft 2.0 overlocker with all the feet, which has just been delivered while i was I going to have, a much needed creative Play time, this afternoon.
But major Exciting news on the gardening front
I have Mushrooms!!!!!..i really didn’t think I had been successful, because for weeks I have been checking every two days. And nothing! But now we have this!!! (all those white things are ikcle mushrooms )
And also I have pea pods :)
And my carrots have really thickened out!
And my cucumber is big and ready for potting!
Well that’s it, from me this week; I am hoping that my arm recovers soon, so I have some yarny progress  to show you next week!
Have a lovely week, and hopefully I will be back Friday with a completed Dalia!
For more WIP click Here


  1. Fab colours in that yarn, looks amazing! And congratulations on the mushrooms ;)

  2. Wow... so jealous about the knitting machine! I've been wanting one! I've heard they're complicated, but worth it once you figure it out :)

  3. Don't you just love having a garden. We just had our second crop of fava beans and zucchini and crook neck squash are almost ready to pick. Because of cool weather we have bushy tomato's but not many flowers. It's starting to warm up here (Northern CA) so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the tomato's.

  4. Your garden looks great! Take care of your elbow. I just had something similar and the only cure was rest. It took a couple of weeks but once the pain was totally gone I have felt fine.

  5. We had our first broad beans yesterday. Admittedly they were tiny but I was too excited to wait any longer. No pods on our peas yet :-(

  6. wow I loe your yarn and your gardening pictures (especially the pea pods) made me smile and had my mouth watering!

  7. The colors for the caponcho look amazing. And I'm very sorry to hear about your sewing machine. I hate it when they suddenly die like that :( I'd definitely recommend a heavy duty one - I have a Singer Heavy Duty, and I haven't had any problems with it yet (aside from when I thread the bobbin the wrong way without realizing it! Oops!)

  8. A pfaff is a very good choice for a sewing machine. My grandmother used a pfaff sewing machine and years ago used to a costum and dressmaker in her hometown.

    I do hope you get well and are able to get back to crafting soon.

  9. Wow, what a week! So many projects and so many delicious things coming up in your garden!!

  10. Beautiful yarn and tasty peas :). Hope you are feeling better soon

  11. Lush yarn, Danielle! I love the colours.

    Hope your elbow is better soon xxx

  12. Love the colors of that yarn. Hope your elbow feels better soon.

  13. I love hearing what you get each week at your sales you go to! So sorry to hear about the elbow pain. :( The garden is looking amazing!

  14. Lovely yarn. Hope you heal up quick!

  15. Love the little doll. I have a boot sale knitting machine too, got it a couple of weeks ago. Need to figure out how it works!


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