Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday 08/06/11

Yay its Wednesday! And I am feeling 100% healthy, compared to last week!
I still working on my mums crochet granny square blanket, I have 19 squares completed and will need 100 in total. My cat shadow gives them the paws up, no matter where I move them to in the living room, he  finds them! And what with mums 16 cats, I don’t think she will get a look in!
I have done no knitting for two weeks! Yes two whole weeks, and I am having serous withdrawal symptoms, so I am going to cast on another caponcho.
‘What Another caponcho?’ hear you all cry!! The first one I made got ‘claimed’ by my little sister, and the second was for my daughter! But I really want one for me! My friend lee gave me loads of yummy nameless navy blue/purple black, depending on which light you see it in though its alot darker then the pictures and looks almost black, and I think it would be perfect, because I could use the caponcho in the evenings it could be my ‘ little black dress’ shawl
I also went to a car boot on Sunday, and brought loads of buttons and lace..and a few other vintage gems click here if you want to know what i brought

The clear ones are glass, i got quite a few big and small.

 I am really itching to make some dolls clothes! so the sewing machine will get some love this weekend!
I also received my second typewriter yesterday which does black and red ink! Isn’t she beautiful *swoon*
My friend lee gave me LOADs of paper craft supplies, so I am going to have a play at making some cards.
i am not the only one working hard this week! *sorry but soo cute! had to share*
In the garden we have more strawberries, and budding pumpkins, my yellow patio tomatoes have started growing fruit!
My sunflowers are getting bigger every day! My potato plants are huge, and my cucumbers are ready to be potted in bigger pots, my lettuce and kitchen herbs are growing nicely.
I love waking up in the morning and having a look to see what’s changed overnight, I am off to the garden centre this afternoon to see if I can get my hands on a few plants I need for yarn dyeing and cooking.
Speaking of cooking, my friend lee (there’s a pattern here isn’t there lol) lent me a few books with some lovely recipes.
I really want to have ago at some of these, lavender mayo sounds interesting and I have loads of old English rose’s in my garden for the rosé meats and pumpkin damper sounds soo yummy!
Have a great week! :) i am going to head off to Tamis to have a peek at what everyone else is up too!
i will be back later with day 8 of 30 photo Fun!


  1. Cool buttons! I'm very jealous of your multi-colour typewriter too ;)

  2. Cool score on the buttons :-) I love cats, but 16 is getting too much ....ooky cat litter LOL

  3. Your garden is wonderful. There is nothing tastier than strawberries.
    The buttons are lovely. I think vintage ones are the best.

  4. The type writer is fab, it really made me smile - I didnt know they could be multi coloured. What an ace toy for the kids.

  5. I'm so jealous of your type writer! That is major cool! I'm ALSO jealous of your major score at all your beautiful buttons, etc you picked up! Beautiful. And yes, you deserve your own Caponcho!

  6. love the type writer, how much did that cost you? xx

  7. Yeah I see a theme there! I seem to keep giving you stuff haha! That's not like me at all!

    I love your photos of that book they look awesome! And I love P on the typewriter, aww little hands!

    Cannot wait to see the purple Caponcho - it's finger weight though are you going to double up or more? xxx

  8. I love all of the buttons! The cat on the quilt is totally adorable too. Typewriter? Boy, that looks wonderful.

  9. Also waiting to see the Caponcho. I'm planning another one for me for the winter - a long dark grey mohair or something I think. They are the business!!!!

  10. Oh those buttons are lovely! And the typewriter!! -swoon-

  11. My cats do the same thing too whenever I'm crocheting pieces of a larger project!

  12. You have so many pretty and fun things to play with!

  13. 16 cats! REally, never knew anyone with that many pets. How does your mom even have room for herself with that many cats? I would suggest putting your squares in sealed zip lock bag when you're done, or in one room where you can close the door to the cat. Love the colors and glad to hear you're feeling better.


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