Sunday, 12 June 2011

Weekend Update - Rain, Rain and Gems

This weekend has been mostly spent at Home, due to the weather!
On Saturday I quickly nipped in to Horsham, so that Bailey could spend the rest of his birthday money, then we popped in to see Daddy at his office on the way home. For some reason the children love seeing daddy at work, and it was even better, because the office floor was empty, due it being a weekend, and because daddies the boss, they get to swing and push each other on all the office chairs without getting told off.
It’s also been quite on the craft side of things, because all the crochet has given me Golfers elbow L so the doctor has recommended that I leave my hooks and needles for a few days, while the pills get to work.
So then decided to give my sewing machine some attention, and half way through my project (which your see on Wednesday) decided to die on me!..:( so I have had to send it back to singer to be fixed! I am hoping it won’t take to long, as I am embarking on an exciting new venter, and have lots of key sewing projects lined up!
The only crafting we did manage was free hand embroidery, which Sophia loves!! And I think she is quite good to! I had never done more than a basic line, as I normally paint my faces on dolls, but I really enjoyed it!

Thankfully I had an early night last night, because I was up at and out the door by 6:15 to go to the carboot with my mum, I am glad we got there early, because after a couple of hours it started to rain, and lots of the seller packed up to go home. Considering the weather, and the fact that the field wasn’t as full with cars like last week, I did really well.
I brought a brother knitting machine, for £20, looks like its not been used much at all!, and I can see why! looks so confusing to use!! I am hoping I can get my head round it!
A set of metal herb pots, for my kitchen side £1
I got four huge cushions with green and purple flowers, which are brand new for £15 because it was raining, and the seller wanted to go.
6 unused aromatherapy glass bottles for £4
I also brought another teapot for £1, but this one is special!, as you can see from the pictures!

And I am totally in love with this tea set, every time I open my cupboard it makes me smile, its like a ray of sunshine! For £1.50

I also brought a huge white basket,  which I think I am going to use, for display on a stall. £10
A large yankie Candle which smells devine for £10 (there over £20 new)
and two small wooden painted pictures £2
A couple of books, 50p each
A boomerang for my son 50p
little sliver pots £4 for both
I got some more buttons costing £10 in total (not all are pictured)

I got phoenix a play ironing board, with two irons £0.50p not pictured
And my daughter three Native American Indian dolls, and a cow boy, there porcelain dolls, once I can cleaned them up I will added a photo they were £3 each
I think I have covered everything!
 Because I went to bed so early last night I forgot to add my 30 day photo for yesterday! And today’s topic was sun flare! Which I couldn’t capture because the sun is hidden under thick grey cloud!
So will re-start tomorrow? J
Hope you have all enjoyed your weekend! And the weather has been kinder on you, then it has us!


  1. I don't really know what a carboot is, but I'm glad you had a good time! Everything looks lovely! I like to collect teapots, too :-)


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