Monday, 20 June 2011

Weekend Update -20/06/11 Fathers day

This weekend has been very quiet and relaxing, nothing done crafting wise, because I am trying to rest my arm. Saturday I took Sophia to a party it had a sponge bob theme, and she had a fantastic time, while she was at the party I went to see my dad for a couple of hours, and had a go on his crazy fit vibration plate. Which I have to say is totally awesome, but a very weird sensation, and my legs killed after!!..Maybe I should sell the running machine I have in my garage and replace it with one of these. At least it’s fun, and the vibration makes you sound weird when you try to sing :)
Saturday night, I had a few glasses of wine and watched a few movies with hubby; and then put myself to bed early in preparation for Sunday!

On Sunday I got up early left the boys in bed, and took a morning stroll to our little village shop to get breakfast supplies, I cooked a good old English breakfast, hubby watched golf on the telly, while I cooked up a storm in the kitchen.
I made mint crusted Lamb joint, and a pork joint topped with a layer of stuffing then a nice chunk of fat for crackling! The pork was mainly for the children, there not a lover of lamb. I made roast potatoes, but we don’t make them the traditional way, my family prefer having new potatoes boiled, then tossed in to a hot oil in baking tray and seasoned with sea salt, until crispy.
For veg we had carrots, peas, and beans, I also made our favourite golden cauliflower and cheese
I make the cheese sauce using the milk, corn flour and cheese, we like mature cheese, so the stronger the better! I then mix the cooked cauliflower and cheese sauce,  in an oven dish, and top with mature crumble cheese and breadcrumb mix..leave in oven till golden..and I have to say, there are never any left overs!!
We also had Yorkshire puddings, veg gravy and onion sauce, washed down with a couple of bottles of white wine. For pudding I had rhubarb crumble (which my mum made) and custard.
I have to say it was absolutely yummy lol
I love Sundays and cooking a huge roast, I get to wear my apron, and play what music I want, while having a few cheeky mouthfuls of wine hehe
I didn’t get to go carbooting this Sunday, due it being father’s day, but I made up for it, by doing a bit of online shopping lol..Will be going next week though!
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend xxx


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