Monday, 27 June 2011

Week update - Mega Achievements

Had a fantastic weekend!
On Friday my son came home with three Headmasters Commendations for Academic Endeavour and achievement in English, Maths and Science. I am sooo pleased for him, as most of you know he severely dyslexic and has to work twice as hard as everybody else..i am just totally in awe of him.
Friday Evening I made a dress out of a vintage pillow case..and I have to say it turned out fabulous, fits my daughter perfect! And I wouldn’t mind if anyone had a close look lol (self-high five)
On Saturday, my son had his sports day; it was an early start, and the weather looked really grim, but thankfully it didn’t rain. My son was on top form, he won all his events (200 semi, then final, longest throw, Long Jump and 400) and came home with the school’s junior champion trophy
Saturday evening we went to a Friends 40th BBQ lovely ending to a brilliant day!
On Sunday we went to fisher farm, Sophia went to my Mums so we just had the boys, we took their swimming stuff so they could play in the water sprinklers, Phoenix loved it!!We also took a ball and a picnic.

We picked Sophia up on the way home, and decided to have a BBQ in the garden; Sophia went and dug up the potatoes and picked chives for potato salad which was YUM, I also used the mushrooms I have been growing, together with the garlic that my son grew at school and it was the was just the best feeling ever tucking in to food, that we have grown as a family.

Hope you all had a great weekend, and enjoyed the weather :)


  1. WOW! You got a lot into a few days! I love all the collages! They're wonderful! And, if I may, I am smitten with your son's eyelashes! HOLY COW! He's going to be heart breaker!

  2. You did do a lot in a few days. I bet you were very proud of your son! The potato salad sounds yummy. It is satisfying to make dinner from the food you grow isn't it? I grow my own veggies and we love using them through the winter.


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