Monday, 6 June 2011

Week update - Carboots and daisy's

Had a fantastic much needed weekend, after being locked up in the house with the children all week!
We decided to go on a picnic down by the canal in our village..we found a beautiful spot under a tree by a stream to eat our sandwiches, after we went on a lovely long walk along the canal, we got to watch a canal boat enter and leave through a barge. Off the beaten track, we also found a huge field full of wheat which just looked beautiful in the sun.
 Sophia brought her basket along to collect berries, she wouldn’t believe me, when I told her they weren’t ready for picking, but she did find a few feathers, and stones to bring home.
They then decided to wrap themselves in sticky weeds and pretend they lived in the forest, oh and we also stumbled on a ‘bear den’! Apparently the bear was out hunting, so they had to roll on the ground to “mask” there sent lol..i love their games, it’s amazing what a pile of sticks on the floor can do for  one’s imagination
We then found a lovely spot to make daisy chains, even Phoenix got in on the action! I decorated Sophia’s braids, she wanted to looked like Rapunzel from tangled  
Was such a lovely day! I love spending quality time with them, no arguments or strops, just smile and laughter!  We also saw some amazing wild life like huge dragonflies and pretty beetles. The children had me out for 6 hours; hiking in flip flops was not my best idea lol.

  On Sunday I went to a car boot sale in Pease pottage with my friends Lee and Christine, It was a super early start, but to be honest, I was so excited I woke up really early anyway. My mum kindly had all the children for me, so that I could have a bit of “me” time, which was really nice.
Once we parked, we had started to walk round clockwise, wasn’t long before we had a huge craftgasm!! Lots of excited squalling on mine and lee’s behalf because we found a huge ‘craft’ stand!
She had vintage buttons, loads of cheap zips, packs of fabric, binding, you name it she had it!! Needless to say my tea went cold, and I came away with £56 pounds worth of buttons, lace trimmings, fabric packs, bindings *gulp!
I had a huge Adeline rush, which was heighten when I spotted the type writer! For £3 and the little Purple tea pot, for £2 and also that cute little tea strainer for £1
If you take a closer look at the tea pot and look at my reflection, it looks like there’s a figure standing next to me on the left! I was home alone when taking the photo!, and only noticed when I uploaded the picture! Gave me chill’s!

I also found a beautiful vanity set, which has embroidery and silk backs.
There was also loads of other stuff I could have quite happily brought home, like the stash of vintage cameras, the glass bottles, my friends bag, and not forgetting the suitcases!  

Can’t Waite to go again next week!!!!! My mum coming with me  i am taking the children, there going to love it!


  1. I see a man standing next to you in that reflection! Dark jacket, white shirt ...eek!

  2. Pauline mabbott8 June 2011 at 11:40

    Omg good huni how spooky :@((((

    Darling i must say i love your blog how on earth do you find the time to do all this.. So proud off you my lovely neice xxxx( KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK) i love it love to you all xxxxx


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