Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Project Spectrum 5 Green - Books and Patterns

This Month’s Theme is Green, which I am very excited about as Green is one of my most Favourite Colours, it’s so fresh and revitalising, and for me symbols Life – Motherhood - Growth  
I particularly love Emerald tones Maybe I was Inspired by one of my Favourite film’s “The wizard of OZ”! I watched this film a thousand times when I was growing up, and it’s now a firm favourite with my daughter.

I have just brought a Ball of King Cole Smooth DK Knitting Yarn Emerald (807)

Isn’t the colour just tantalising!!
And its for this Pattern “can you crochet a Toque?” from one of my favourite books A Stitch in time Vol 1  by Jane walker and Susan Crawford

I have actually seen this Toque as a finished article at this year’s Unravel..And it’s stunning!  
Would love to hear your thoughts on this pattern! and also would love to hear from anyone, that has Made one! 
I am eagerly awaiting Vol 2 to arrive from the pre-order I placed months ago.
Speaking of Books, here are a favourite few, which my children and I like to read.
The Barefoot Book of Earth Tales – This book has a wonderful collection of tales from around the world that Celebrate our connection with Nature and to remind us to look after this Earth, this book also has hands-on activities from each tale; we really enjoyed making things these! And exploring the cultures from which they came from.
Michael Recycle – This book is a bout Michael Recycle, a super hero, who is on a mission to save planet earth.  We love this book, because the words flow, making for an enjoyable read! The book also has great Illustration, and my children love role playing, this book inspired them both to be recycling “super heroes".
The Adventures of a Plastic Bottle – this book is brilliant because, My children wanted to know what happens the stuff they recycle, and this book is written in the form of a plastic bottles diary, he writes about his wild journey from the refinery, to the Manufacturing line, to the shelf store, to a little boys home, to the garbage, to the recycling plant, and finally into a space suit!! This book is really well written, and the illustrations are visually pleasing.
We love reading books, so if any one has any recommendations that would be great!
look forward to seeing what every one else comes up with this month!


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